SDG 2 - Defeating hunger

End hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

SDG 2 aims to end hunger by ensuring access to healthy and sufficient nutrition for all, promoting the sustainability of food production systems.

What does IULM do?

  • IULM FOOD ACADEMY* is the non-profit association that aims to promote culture for a healthy and balanced diet.
    Education for healthy nutrition and a correct lifestyle, as well as knowledge of the steps in the production chain from raw materials to the product on consumers' tables, the history and origin of food are some of the issues on which IULM FOOD ACADEMY founds its own awareness program through seminars and meetings.
    IULM's commitment to healthy and sustainable nutrition is confirmed by the choice to entrust the catering on campus to the Pellegrini group: ethics and sustainability are two essential values ​​for this supplier whose mission is "to operate in society as a responsible company, attentive to contemporary issues and committed to a sustainable approach at all levels - social, economic, environmental. "
    A responsible choice also for quick breaks, to drink and snack distributors throughout the campus: Smart break is the claim of the Miami Ristoro company which, alongside traditional hot drinks, offers a series of healthy, organic, Km0, GMO-free products , low in fats and sugars as well as foods for celiacs, diabetics and vegans and suitable for those suffering from food intolerances.