Research centres

The University has enhanced its multidisciplinary identity by promoting research capable not only of producing significant results and recognised by the scientific communities of reference, but also of experimenting with innovative forms of synergistic and cooperative language between different areas of knowledge. Within this context lies the development of Research Centres and Laboratories that have fully demonstrated their ability to offer services to the wider community.

IULM University recognizes as Research Centers / Observatories those realities that have successfully passed through a phase of experimentation. The currently recognized IULM Research Centers / Observatories are:

  • The Behavior & Brain Lab, under the direction of Prof. Vincenzo Russo;
  • The Centre for Strategic Communication (CECOMS), under the direction of Prof. Stefania Romenti;
  • The Euresis Centre for Diagnosis, Intervention, DSA Research, under the direction of Prof. Francesca Santulli;
  • The Centre fot Employee Relations and Communication, under the direction of Prof. Alessandra Mazzei;
  • The Human Lab Observatory, coordinated by Prof. Giovanna Rocca.
  • The Observatory on Public Communication, Branding and Digital Transformation, coordinated by Prof. Stefano Rolando
  • The Retail Brand Communication Observatory, coordinated by Prof. Francesco Massara