MondoIULM Association

MondoIULM is the new Association that aims to promote the development of the University so that it can realize its institutional action of research and teaching.

MondoIULM, a nonprofit association, has as its main purpose the development and promotion of the IULM Free University of Languages and Communication so that it can most effectively carry out its institutional action of research and teaching.

To guarantee the cultural, functional and strategic connection of the IULM University with Italian and foreign institutions, companies, associations; to facilitate the access of graduates to the world of work; to promote any initiative capable of linking educational paths with the needs of companies; to identify and foster possible sources of funding for activities in the form of scholarships, grants aimed at research projects and tenured chairs; to promote applied scientific research particularly in the University's chosen fields; to foster internationalization paths by identifying foreign companies and institutions: these are the ambitious goals of the Mondo IULM Association, which already has important Supporting Members such as Mediaset, Assolombarda, Libraccio, Ford, Movi&Co, Hermès, Gattinoni, Acqua Claudia, Mondadori, Miami Ristoro, Consulting Evolution Trade, Interlaced, PDR Web Consulting, RS Print Time, Gruppo Végé, Acqua dell'Elba, TH Resorts, Gruppo Concorde, Canon, Bottega, Repower, Scalo Milano, Italmark, Avis, The Swatch Group, Illumia, WindTre, Gruppo Valagussa, Slowear, Alessi, The Good Idea e Giovanardi.

MondoIULM Steering Committee:

President and Board Member: Francesca di Carrobio
Secretary Treasurer and Councilor: Massimo Ferrarini
Councilor: Gina Nieri
Councilor: Marco Canella
Councilor: Gabriele Frontoni

Dr. Paolo Del Debbio is the representative of the MondoIULM Association on the University's Board of Directors.