IULM University is committed to strengthening and improving the quality of research, its originality and its social utility. To this end, it is careful to promote both theoretical and field research, with the strategic objective of contributing to reducing the gap - particularly evident in the humanities sector - between theoretical knowledge, empirical practices and labour market needs. The structures responsible for research are the Departments. This also includes support for projects aimed at the production of experimental and innovative films or audiovisual products, as well as the financing of departmental research projects. Particular attention is paid annually to the development of Special University Projects and to the strengthening of Research Centres



IULM University is organized through three Departments that function as strategic centres for optimization and development of research, thanks to the coming together of study potential and available resources


Research centres

The University has enhanced its multidisciplinary identity by promoting research capable not only of producing significant results and recognised by the scientific communities of reference, but also of experimenting with innovative forms of synergistic and cooperative language between different areas of knowledge. Within this context lies the development of Research Centres and Laboratories that have fully demonstrated their ability to offer services to the wider community.

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Research projects

Alongside a line of development based on offering services to the wider community through research on behalf of third parties, IULM University has identified, in competitive research, not only important sources of support but also the opportunity to work in network contexts and methodological comparison with other universities on the international scene. The University has also recognised the importance of giving greater financial autonomy to research and has therefore established a policy of investment of resources based on the annual provision of funding for departmental research at the beginning of each year.



This section aims to give an overview of the main publications produced by the professors of our University. Many of these works represent the final path of study and scientific research, others are more oriented towards better supporting students in their studies. Still others are novels or literary productions certainly known to the general public

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A university spin-off, the IULM AI Lab is the result of a partnership between the University and Prana Ventures Venture Capital with the aim of generating value for the business system and for the country, producing culture and ideas through a model of open dissemination of innovation linked to the potential offered by Artificial Intelligence applied to business.

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