Rethinking marketing under conditions of uncertainty

University - 05 April 2023

A meeting on April 20 at IULM to explore how the perception of uncertainty in recent times has affected marketing approaches

What strategies, actions, and tools can businesses activate to turn uncertainty and volatility in their favor? Should the future be predicted or should it be acted upon? Is itpossible to translate antifragility into action? The perception of risk and uncertainty has grown tremendously in recent years, challenging many established marketing approaches. Are companies going international ready for this change? How can we make marketing and sales more 'antifragile'?

These questions will be answered at the event Rethinking marketing under conditions of uncertainty: a global perspective to be held on April 20, 2023 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. in Sala dei 146 (IULM 6). After the presentation of the results of the research conducted by CIMASC - Research Center for International Marketing & Sales Communication for Promos Italia, by Prof. Daniela Corsaro, professor of Marketing in IULM, a debate will open that will see the confrontation between academics, managers, and also a futurologist, Thomas Bialas. Andrea Cabrini of CNBC will moderate the event.

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Download here the meeting program