What gender of AI?

University - 06 February 2024

How artificial intelligences consider gender differences, between mirror games and discrimination

When we talk about artificial intelligence, we often refer to devices or platforms that can perform automated tasks faster and more efficiently than we can. Technologies that will at best relieve us of work, at worst replace us. Yet machines have no thinking capabilities-no oracles to solve problems for us and no "neutral" process of automation. Behind ChatGPT are advanced algorithmic models that grind massive amounts of data.

Having data that identifies you and makes you fall into a category--woman, migrant person, or person with low socioeconomic status--allows these models to look for correlations and offer us fast and effective outputs or solutions.

What outputs are generated by artificial intelligences? What do the texts and images produced by so-called generative AIs tell us? What are the relationships between gender and technology?

Discussants will be Elisabetta Risi (IULM Researcher, co-head of the "Digital Gender Hub" project , she deals with the ethical-social implications of AIs in the IULM AI Lab team) and Diletta Huyskes (co-founder of Immanence and Head of Advocacy & Policy at Privacy Network, PhD student at the University of Milan).
Guido Di Fraia, Pro-rector of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence at IULM University, will moderate the discussion.

FEBRUARY 27, 2024 - from 4:30 pm, at IULM AI Lab - IULM2, via Carlo Bo, 1 - Milan

The meeting is open to the citizenship. To participate you must register via this form