Students creators and protagonists of the new IULM campaign on TikTok

University - 04 May 2022

IULM has chosen to promote the University and the open days by choosing TikTok, the social platform increasingly loved by young people, to tell their story through the smartphones of its students, who have become true creator-ambassadors for the occasion.

There were those who talked about the most beautiful spaces of the University, those who talked about degree courses and career opportunities. Some have shown the services and opportunities offered by the University, such as the IULM Fitness Center and the IULM Food Academy, while others have described in pictures the typical day of an IULM student. These are the videos that some of our students have made for the institutional campaign I'm IULM, which recently landed on TikTok to promote the May Opendays.

With the transformation of the digital landscape and of the public, IULM University has chosen to evolve its advertising strategy to promote the University and its open days by choosing TikTok, the social platform increasingly loved by young people, to tell its story through the smartphones of its students.

So, many girls and boys took up the challenge launched by the University and became real creator-ambassadors by conceiving, writing and creating video content to be conveyed through TikTok that would tell about IULM, its spaces, its courses and its opportunities. In short, to show the best of its community, IULM has given carte blanche to its students, leaving free space for their creativity and imagination. Among the young authors there are some already present on the channel in a significant way, while others have been chosen for their fresh approach and natural narration of university life.

The initiative is part of the institutional campaign I'M IULM, launched last October with IULM students in the role of testimonials, whose main focus is to give voice to the aspirations, dreams and expectations of young people who choose this University as a launchpad for their future. The decision to have the promotional videos made by the students, moreover, fits in with the vision of a University that has always aimed at putting its students at the center of university life, giving space to their passions and creativity, the true fulcrum of the open-air laboratory of design and creativity that IULM has become over the years

The IULM strategy of focusing on user generated content is already bearing fruit. Some of the TikTok ads made by students have been for a few weeks at the top of the creative center Italy's Top ads TikTok ranking (both Vertical Education and general) and also present in the Worldwide Vertical Education ranking. A big compliment goes to all the girls and boys (including the team of Radio IULM and Youlmovement) who made the videos and whose names we highlight:

Emma Mezzadri
Ilaria Vetrone
Sara Amodio
Valeria Pilenga
Emanuela Rossi
Giorgia Sabatino
Sofia Pinna
Daniel Nordio
Miryam Morbegno

Radio Iulm:
Marta Piazza
Azzurra Panunzio
Matteo D'Amato
Sabrina Tortarolo

Youlmovement (Ig Youlmovement)