IULM Sustainability Week

Sostenibilità - 19 April 2024

A series of IULM Flow Talk webinars devoted to sustainability

Università IULM will host a series of IULM Flow Talk webinars dedicated to sustainability on April 23 and 24, on the occasion of the World Earth Day.

The webinars will mainly focus on the different aspects of sustainability thanks to the participation of experts in the field who will share their knowledge, experiences and best practices.

Below is the detailed program:

  • Talk 52
    • Date: April 23rd, 11AM
    • Title: "Green Deal: Actions and Innovations for Sustainability at the Local Level"
    • Guest: Luisa Marelli - Deputy Head of Unit (Bioeconomy) at European Commission Joint Research Centre
    • Moderator: Prof. Stefania Romenti - Full Professor in Strategic communication and Delegate of the Rector for Corporate Social Responsibility (Università IULM)

The talk will present an overview of the Green Deal initiative as a key EU strategy to address environmental challenges and promote the transition to a green economy, with a special focus on its implementation at the local level. Challenges and opportunities in implementing Green Deal policies at the local level will be analyzed, along with discussions on concrete actions and policy measures that local authorities can take to mitigate the negative effects of climate change. The discussion will also focus on the importance of active involvement of citizens, businesses and civil society organizations in the transformation process towards local sustainability, highlighting the importance of partnerships and community involvement in achieving Green Deal goals.

  • Talk 53
    • Date: April 23rd, 2:30PM
    • Title: "Sustainable Innovation: Exploring Gamification in Environmental and Social Outreach and Education"
    • Guest: Claudia Gaudiello - Change Strategist and Founder of the Mini Greeny Heroes Project (Mini Greeny Heroes)
    • Moderator: Dr. Elanor Colleoni - Professor of Corporate reputation (Università IULM)

The talk will focus on gamification as a powerful interactive communication tool, exploring its practical applications in environmental education and in promoting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The benefits and challenges in the use of gamification will be examined, with an in-depth discussion of emerging trends in this field and new directions and best practices for using gamification effectively in the dissemination of the SDGs.

  • Talk 54
    • Date: April 24th, 10:30AM
    • Title: "Communicating Sustainability effectively: today's challenges and useful strategies"
    • Guest: Maria Rosaria Sanna - ESG advisor (Green Media Lab)
    • Moderator: Dr. Grazia Murtarelli - Professor of Social media relations management (Università IULM)

The talk will focus on current challenges in communicating sustainability by addressing issues such as greenwashing and language and cultural barriers. Effective strategies for communicating sustainability will be explored, emphasizing the importance of transparency, consistency, use of data, and stakeholder engagement for authentic and effective communication.

  • Talk 55
    • Date: April 24th, 4PM
    • Title: “Addressing the Complex Challenges of Global Food Security - A Dialogue with FAO"
    • Guest: Mario Lubetkin -  Assistant Director General and FAO Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean (FAO)
    • Moderator: Prof. Stefania Romenti - Full Professor in Strategic communication and Delegate of the Rector for Corporate Social Responsibility (Università IULM)

The talk aims to examine the multiple challenges related to global food security, with a focus on the ongoing crisis in the Brazilian Amazon due to climate change. During the discussion, the evolution of food security in the region will be analyzed, focusing on both signs of improvement and persistent obstacles. Actions taken by FAO to address the crisis and promote food security will be outlined, focusing on the importance of economic diversification and local food production. In addition, emerging challenges related to malnutrition and obesity will be explored, with an in-depth analysis of the cultural, educational, and health factors influencing their occurrence and FAO's strategies to address them, highlighting the organization's comprehensive approach to fostering a healthier and more resilient food system in the region.