New master's degrees at IULM's Rome campus

Master's - 13 June 2022

The academic programmes at IULM in Rome are enriched with seven new courses including Screenwriting, Digital Media Advertising, Fashion Heritage and Sustainability Marketing and Communication.

The impetus that Rector Prof. Gianni Canova wanted to give to the Roman branch of IULM takes form with seven new Master's degrees that go alongside the pre-existing ones in Oriental Languages and Cultures and Management of Artistic and Cultural Resources.

Two courses open up to the new frontiers of digital and platforms: the Master's in Digital Media Advertising trains professional figures capable of tackling and planning advertising activities with the help of new technologies, while the one in Digital Healthcare (whose program will be published soon) will provide the tools, methods and technological skills needed to face the future challenges of the healthcare sector.

Strongly innovative is the course in Fashion Heritage: from archives to storytelling, which trains new professionals oriented toward the preservation and enhancement of a brand's heritage. The theme of sustainability, which is increasingly present on the agenda of companies, finds an interesting declination in the Master's in Sustainability Marketing and Communication: the course prepares students for the new professions of marketing and communication, with particular attention to the integration of models and techniques that take sustainability into account in the management of these two areas. The course in Global Security and Cooperation provides a solid preparation on the international political landscape and the main issues on the international agenda, through the perspectives of Cooperation and Security.

But Rome is also the city of cinema: so there could be no shortage of courses that prepare future professionals of the seventh art. The Master's Degree in Dubbing, Adaptation and Translation of Cinetelevisual Works is part of a sector that is ever  increasing, given the success and significant following of new venues, such as streaming platforms. The Master's Degree in Screenwriting combines theoretical and critical reflection with workshops held by renowned authors and screenwriters; directed by the Rector himself together with Stefano Mordini, it employs figures such as Nicola Lagioia, Riccardo Scamarcio and Marco Manetti as professors.

The Roman branch of IULM is thus becoming an increasingly important hub in the capital's educational scenario.