Below are the main publications of the lecturers of IULM University

This section aims to give an overview of the main publications produced by the professors of our University. Many of these works represent the final path of study and scientific research, others are more oriented towards better supporting students in their studies. Still others are novels or literary productions certainly known to the general public


Figurative collections

Renato Boccali

The dialectic of the images in Gaston Bachelard


Drop this book while you can

Marcel Bénabou - Translation by Laura Brignoli


Diva-ism. Cinema, television, web

Vanni Codeluppi


Destroy the past

Maria Bettetini

Iconoclasm from Islam to Isis



Paolo Giovannetti

A label discussed and often rejected, decadentism nevertheless manifests an interpretative effectiveness that is still relevant. The passage from the nineteenth century to the twentieth century is at stake: for the literature of our country, in fact, the entry into the twentieth century has led to radical changes, particularly in the field of poetry, is very visible and marked the discontinuity with the previous century. Decadentism is a moment of transition between two different practices of literature: the expression of the crisis of nineteenth century values, but not yet true twentieth century. The volume provides a concise but comprehensive picture of this "ism" without forgetting its main figures: Gabriele D'Annunzio and Giovanni Pascoli, but also Antonio Fogazzaro and Gian Pietro Lucini. And, of course, father of all: Giosue Carducci.


Competitive analysis

Luca Barbarito

Methodology and applications


Blade runner reloaded

Vanni Codeluppi