Destroy the past

Maria Bettetini
Title book

Year 2016

Iconoclasm from Islam to Isis

Destroy the past

They do not content themselves with burning the flags, annihilating the symbols of those they consider their enemy: the followers of the new "Caliphate of the Islamic State" destroy, from the foundations up, everything that has not been created by them. Towards archaeological sites and works of art, they behave as with prisoners: they rape, sell, bomb. This 'nimble' volume investigates the reasons for this brutal iconoclasm. Images have always had difficulty living with religious faiths, but what happened in the Islamic world? What have been the reasons for hiding or showing, veiling or indicating over the centuries? What sense can be given to the destruction and sale of this Islam that is not "pure" but is different from the previous ones, is radically and inhumanly new?