Figurative collections

Renato Boccali
Title book

Year 2018

The dialectic of the images in Gaston Bachelard

Figurative collections

The image becomes a source to reveal itself, finally, as an absolute image, able to open up a happy world, but also to bring to manifestation the concrete dialectic of life and death, thus outlining a penombral ontology. The contemporary imagosphere offers us still images, simulacra reproducible to infinity, where the multidimensionality of the Self is hidden behind the colorful monodimensionality of selfies. It is necessary, then, to work on a new anthropology of the iconic. To do this, Gaston Bachelard's philosophy comes to our aid, capable of giving an account of the figural logic of the aesthetic experience of images and of the anthropological root that characterizes it, making a sign towards a metaphysics of imagination.