Word of the Year 2023: survey

University - 11 December 2022

Word of the Year 2023: take part in the IULM community survey to choose the new word of the year.

A year ago, in December 2021, the IULM community - faculty, students, technical and administrative staff - had chosen as Word of the Year 2022 the word IRONIA. A word that-after more than two years of the pandemic-has had the effect of a soothing and regenerating balm for all of us precisely because, while it is true that COVID-19 has our backs against the wall, it is also true that in this dramatic situation we have also (re)discovered something very important: laughter makes our lives and our imprisonment lighter

Some of the most significant events that IULM has planned  this year have been created precisely around the word IRONY, such as "The Terror of Irony," a series of meetings dedicated to rereading the greatest exponents of modern and contemporary philosophical thought in the unusual light of irony

What will be the new word of the year for 2023? Once again this year IULM is asking the entire community to vote by choosing one of the following words proposed by the Rector:

  • Word
  • Doubt
  • Risk
  • Unknown

the survey is open until noon on Dec. 20. Students, faculty and administrative technical staff are invited to participate

Click here to vote.