Welcome Week 2023

Students - 01 August 2023

IULM welcomes its new students! From Sept. 18 to 22, the University opens its campus doors for Welcome Week dedicated to freshmen in the first years of bachelor's degree programs.

Are you a freshman and in September you will start taking your first steps at the University? Do you want to start getting to know IULM, its spaces, your classmates and fellow students? Then you can't miss the Welcome Week that IULM is organizing from Sept. 18 to 22 for all new students in the bachelor's degree programs.

After welcoming freshmen, each morning will be dedicated to the presentation of one or more degree programs. Following this, you will be able to participate in various activities, open to all, for the development of soft skills useful to start university on the right foot: study method and organization, anxiety and emotion management, team building and much more!

Each freshman will have a dedicated in-person day - in IULM 6 - to attend the presentation of their degree program. But, if there are seats available, you will also be able to sign up for activities scheduled on the other days. All of the week's appointments can also be followed online at Teams.

Find out which day is dedicated to your degree program, and sign up here!

Here is the schedule:

sept. 18 sept. 19 sept. 20 sept. 21 sept. 22

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Welcome to the Athenaeum by the Course Referent with speech by the Student Representative and Language Labs (ILC and Carlo Bo)

Communication, media and advertising Business communication and public relations Interpreting and communication
Fashion and creative industries
Tourism, management and culture
Arts and cultural events

Languages, culture and digital communication
Corporate Communication and Public Relations

Why am I here?

by Prof. Bustreo

Method and organization

to best survive the first few months of college

by Dr. Missaglia

When method and organization are not enough

How surf with agility on anxiety and the waves of emotions when everything is different from before

by the Dr. Prevedini

When method and organization are not enough

How to boost motivational drive to set the course from the very beginning

by Dr. Prevedini

Freedom and connection with peers and peeps

by Dr. Bellantonio

Free lunch break

Here are the links to follow the Welcome Week online at Microsoft Teams:


— Comunicazione, media e pubblicità: https://go.iulm.it/welcomecmp

— Comunicazione d'impresa e relazioni pubbliche: https://go.iulm.it/welcomecirp

— Interpretariato e comunicazione: https://go.iulm.it/welcomeic

— Moda e industrie creative: https://go.iulm.it/welcomemoda

— Turismo, management e cultura: https://go.iulm.it/welcometurismo

— Arti ed eventi culturali: https://go.iulm.it/welcomeaec2023

— Lingue, cultura e comunicazione digitale: https://go.iulm.it/welcomelingue

— Corporate Communication and Public Relations: https://go.iulm.it/welcomecorporate


All freshmen can access this link: https://go.iulm.it/seminaritutorato

14:00-15:00 (Progetto Sussidiario)

To access the SUSSIDIARIO 2023 channel, the code is: ubp2us1

Instructions for accessing the Progetto Sussidiario on Microsoft Teams

1) access http://teams.microsoft.com through the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser;
2) enter your university email (ending with @studenti.iulm.it, e.g. [email protected]);
3) in the next step, enter your university username (consisting of the formula firstname.lastnameXY, e.g. mario.rossi1 and your password;
4) in the Team section, click on 'Join a team or create one' in the top right-hand corner;
5) under Enter code, enter the following password: ubpus1;
6) this will take you to the team called "Subsidiary 2023" where the lessons will be held.

We remind you that the workshops are ONLY in presence in the classrooms that will be indicated by email to the subscribers.