Progetto Sussidiario 2023. 4 steps to get off on the right foot

Students - 31 July 2023

Are you a freshman and would like to consolidate your knowledge before starting the semester? Progetto Sussidiario is designed especially for you. Find out more!

Progetto Sussidiario intends to offer freshmen a tool to consolidate and refine their skills in the four essential fields of knowledge: the Italian language, history, civics and geography.
Students will be able to "put themselves back at the center," rediscovering their linguistic, temporal, civic and geographical coordinates. A unique opportunity to reacquaint oneself with subjects that are indispensable for tackling university studies.

Progetto Sussidiario consists of four pathways to refine concepts and cultural elements essential to those about to attend university. The goal is to solidify skills, but also to get a taste of IULM's purely laboratory-based teaching by going into disciplines that are not studied in high school. These, specifically, are the four tracks:

"Italian First!" - Professor Luciana Bianciardi
During the lesson, the most common errors in the spelling of Italian words, the most common errors in consecutio temporum, alternations of verb modes and tenses, and punctuation will be explained.

"What a Beautiful Paper" - Professor Guido Formigoni
The civics lesson aims to recall some essential criteria and models of the functioning of constitutional democracy, in the version of the Italian Republic. Of course, it will be necessary to place this reasoning in the appropriate international comparative context. To capture the contingency of a number of normative and legal references, we will use many references to current events.

"Orienting ourselves in the world with geography." - Professor Monica Morazzoni
The lesson aims to exemplify some of the basic concepts of human geography, such as: the relationship between nature and culture, the difference between space and territory, the concept of geographical scale, ecosystems and resources, and the interactions between society and the environment through the tools of geographical analysis.

"Let's re-discover history." - Professor Massimo De Giuseppe
The course is designed to provide students with the essential methodological tools to tackle a contemporary history course and to understand the meaning and importance of the study of historical disciplines within a university course.
Main objectives consist of:

  • Learning to read events with "historical depth"
  • Taking a polyphonic view and understanding the connections between local and global events
  • Understand contemporaneity and the meaning of periodizations

Classes will be held Sept. 18-22, from 2 to 4 p.m., in-person and online on the Teams platform (to connect to the SUSSIDIARIO 2023 channel, the code is ubp2us1). They will then be followed by Workshops organized on the same days from 4 to 6 p.m.

Fill out the form to sign up for the Progetto Sussidiario and keep an eye on your email: starting August 29, you will have the opportunity to sign up for individual workshops.

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Places are sold out for both afternoon workshops on Sept. 18, Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing workshop experience on Sept. 19, and Fashion workshop on Sept. 20.

Here is the schedule:

sept. 18 sept. 19 sept. 20 sept. 21 sept. 22

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
14:00-18:00 ActiveSubsidiary Project for all bachelor's degree programs in presence and online

Italian (Prof. Bianciardi)

Italian First!

Civic Education (Prof. Formigoni)

What a beautiful map!

Geography (Prof. Morazzoni)

Orienting oneself in the world with geography

History (Prof. De Giuseppe)

Re-discovering history

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Radio IULM, our campus on air

Giorgia Colucci


Theater workshop: elements of acting


Radio IULM: the university "on air"

Claudio Pavese

Experience laboratoryby ConsumerNeurosciencee Neuromarketing

AlexanderFici,Fiamma Rivetti

Radio IULM: the university "on air"

Massimo Lo Nigro

Experiencing place through the sensorygeography


Challenging technology -ChallengingTechnology


Fashion, between creativity and new professions

Giulia Tonucci

Video game design for art

Giuliano Gaia

Theater workshop: elements of acting


Challenging technology -ChallengingTechnology

Caterina Bocchi

Instructions for accessing the Progetto Sussidiario on Microsoft Teams

1) access through the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser;
2) enter your university email (ending with, e.g. [email protected]);
3) in the next step, enter your university username (consisting of the formula firstname.lastnameXY, e.g. mario.rossi1 and your password;
4) in the Team section, click on 'Join a team or create one' in the top right-hand corner;
5) under Enter code, enter the following password: ubp2us1;
6) this will take you to the team called "Subsidiary 2023" where the lessons will be held.

We remind you that the workshops are ONLY in presence in the classrooms that will be indicated by email to the subscribers.

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