IULM and inclusiveness: the story of Claudio

University - 01 July 2022

Student Claudio Recenti tells Corriere about his experience at IULM

The issue of inclusiveness, in its meaning of facilitating the use of services by people with disabilities, is strongly felt in our University. The elimination of architectural barriers, the accessibility of spaces and places on campus to those who move with mobility aids, and support that takes into account the logistical-housing needs of students with disabilities are some of the areas in which IULM stands out.

Claudio Recenti is a 20-year-old student from Crema attending the first year of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Media and Advertising. He suffers from SMA -spinal muscular atrophy, a neurodegenerative disease that does not allow him to walk. He told his experience at "Corriere della sera." With the help of a caregiver, Claudio attends classes at IULM, for the moment only two days a week, but with the goal of gradually increasing his presence at the University. In addition to attending classes, Claudio can take advantage of housing for him and his assistant in our University's boarding house: while the student does not pay the housing fee, the assistant pays only half of the fee. Of course, some problems remain to be solved, such as access inside the classrooms, which is not always easy when not definitely difficult, but, as Prof. Massimo De Giuseppe, the Rector's Delegate for Inclusion and Disability, explains, the University is putting in place all possible solutions and adjustments so that these critical issues can be resolved quickly.

Read here the article from the "Corriere", written by Luca Carrello ,a journalist from Master X, the magazine of the Master in Journalism IULM