Cacao: a virtual summer school

International - 11 May 2023

Four meetings between June 13 and July 4 to talk about cocoa and sustainability

The collaboration between IULM University and the International Italo-Latin American Organization (IILA) continues through a virtual Summer School entitled "CACAO: HISTORY, SOCIETY AND SUSTAINABILITY." This is a further stage of the project on the glocal history of cocoa that pays special attention to the theme of environmental sustainability, cultural protection, social inclusion and participation.

The summer school that will rely on the virtual platform IULM Flow (You tube channel) is structured through four online meetings, with experts from all over the world, and will start on June 13 and will be articulated through four Tuesdays (from 4 to 7 p.m. Italian time) until July 4.

The first meeting (June 13) will be dedicated to the historical dimension of cocoa and its circulation (from the Americas to the world) with talks by Davide Domenici (University of Bologna), Carolina Orsini (MUDEC) and Massimo De Giuseppe (IULM University). On June 20 a series of social dynamics related to cocoa production, the creation of cooperatives and the role of women will be addressed, with Ninoska Hurtado (Rikolto), Maria Fernanda Rivera Dávila (Mil Alas) and Yasmira Lizbeth Chen Choc, Guatemalan producer Maya Q'eqchi '. On June 27, the protagonist will be environmental sustainability with talks by Marco Guilcapi (Pro-Amazonia) and Andrea Monaco (AL Invest Verde - IILA). Finally, on July 4, economic sustainability of production will be discussed with Massimiliano Cavicchioli and Guido Castagna.

This is the detailed program:


july 4, 2023
Economic sustainability section
1. MASSIMILIANO CAVICCHIOLI: Selection criteria: organoleptic quality and
socioeconomic aspects in selecting cocoa for the high-end market.
2. GUIDO CASTAGNA: Guido Castagna Natural Method Chocolate.

All meetings are held from 4-7 p.m. Here is the link to connect.

Review past meetings below:

june 13, 2023
History Section:
1. PROF. DAVIDE DOMENICI - UNIVERSITY OF BOLOGNA: Material culture and consumption of
cocoa: a transatlantic journey
2. CAROLINA ORSINI - MUDEC: A little-known story: cocoa in Milan among objects,
documents and visual evidence in the new permanent collection of Mudec
3. PROF. MASSIMO DE GIUSEPPE - IULM: The meaning of cocoa in contemporary history

june 20, 2023
Society Section
1. NINOSKA HURTADO - RIKOLTO: The role of women in the cocoa supply chain in Latin America

3. YASMIRA LIZABETH CHEN CHOC: My journey through cocoa.

june 27, 2023
Environmental Sustainability Section
1. MARCO GUILCAPI - PROAmazonia: Sustainable and deforestation-free production
2. ANDREA MONACO - AL INVEST: European support for sustainable supply chains through AL
Green INVEST: the case of cocoa.

Download the poster with the Summer School programhere