Risk is the Word of the Year 2023!

University - 11 January 2023

With 34.4 percent of the vote, "Risk" is the new word of the year for the year 2023

"Nothing noble is done without risk," wrote Michel de Montaigne. Perhaps this is precisely why the word "Risk" was chosen by the IULM community as Word of the Year 2023. If at first glance, the term would seem to have a meaning that is as topical as threatening, the other side of risk is that of change and the responsibility we have in pursuing it: to challenge ourselves, to go beyond pre-established limits because only in this way we can create something new.

So with 34.4 percent of students, faculty and the entire IULM community have decreed that Risk will be the word at the center of events, initiatives and exhibitions that will animate our campus during the year that has just begun. It is a challenge that the University welcomes with enthusiasm: there will be no shortage of cues and inspirations, because not only philosophy, literature, cinema and art have described this term in the most varied forms, but because risk is the very condition for making art: Werner Herzog's enterprise-films, Marina Abramović'sperformance art or the censorship faced by the freest artists in regimes such as Iran's remind us of this.

As occured with the words Money, Boundary, Expectation and Irony, this year the University is again asking students and faculty to participate in the creation of projects and ideas centered around the word Risk, declined in its many dimensions. Students and faculty can apply by sending their proposals to the email: [email protected]

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