Prof. Mauro Ceruti is the new Vice Pro-Rector

University - 05 June 2023

As of July 1, Professor Mauro Ceruti is the new Vice Pro-rector. Professor Massimiliano Bruni, on the other hand, is the new Pro-rector for relations with Enterprises.

In recent days, Professor Angelo Miglietta announced that he has taken a prestigious institutional position in one of Italy's most important companies. Therefore, in spite of himself, Professor Miglietta has resigned as Vice Pro-rector effective July 1.

The Rector, congratulating him on his new prestigious role, thanks Professor Miglietta for his friendship, loyalty, spirit of service and valuable work over the years in his role asVice Pro-rector for the growth and improvement of the University.

The Academic Senate, the Board of Trustees and the Director General join the Rector's congratulations and thanks.

The Rector also announces that, sincet July 1, the new Vice Pro-Rector is Professor Mauro Ceruti, formerly Pro-Rector for Transdisciplinarity, while Professor Massimiliano Bruni, formerly Delegate for the implementation of relations with the business community, is the new Pro-Rector for relations with Enterprises.