Caligari Prize 2022

Cinema - 18 November 2022

Noir in Festival 2022: unveiled the 6 titles competing for the Caligari Prize. Join the jury! Find out how here.

The Caligari Prize, the competition for Italian film noir conceived by Gianni Canova in agreement with Giorgio Gosetti and organized by the Noir in Festival in collaboration with IULM University and Cinecittà News, returns to our Athenaeum in December 4-6, 2022.

The six finalist films will be screened in Sala dei 146 of IULM 6, Via Carlo Bo 7, with the participation of the authors. A popular jury of 80 young students and fans, led by three film critics including a president/moderator, will choose the winner.

After a collective discussion at the end of each screening, jury members will be able to exercise their right to vote by placing the ballot with their judgment in the specially prepared ballot box. The final ranking will indicate the winner. The vote of each of the three participating critics will be worth 5. In case of a tie in the final deliberation, the President's vote will be decisive.

From this year, in addition, the editorial staff of Cinecittà News will award one of the six finalists a Special Mention. The winners will be announced during the awards night on December 8.

The finalists are:

  • Ghiaccio by Fabrizio Moro and Alessio De Leonardis
    Sunday, Dec. 4, 5 p.m
  • Ero in guerra ma non lo sapevo by Fabio Resinaro
    Sunday, December 4, 7 p.m
  • Ti mangio il cuore by Pippo Mezzapesa
    Monday, Dec. 5, 6:15 p.m
  • Il muto di Gallura by Matteo Fresi
    Monday, Dec. 5, 8 p.m
  • Piove by Paolo Strippoli
    Tuesday, Dec. 6, 6:15 p.m
  • Una femmina by Francesco Costabile
    Tuesday, Dec. 6, 8 p.m

"The confirmation of the Caligari Prize among the backbones of the Noir in Festival," say Gianni Canova and Giorgio Gosetti, "as well as the novelty of the participation of Cinecittà News in support of good Italian cinema, confirms that in just a few years authors and producers have taken a new and vital path that revitalizes a tradition of our cinema: the passion for genres. In choosing this year's finalists, having to cope with a scene in profound transformation between product for theaters, seriality for networks, cinema for platforms, we wanted to reward first and foremost the effort of those who conceived and made the film for the community that gathers at the cinema. And the happy surprises, as you will see, were there."

Join the Caligari Award Jury

To join the jury free of charge, you must be over 18 years of age and send, by Wednesday, November 30, 2022, an email to [email protected] with the subject line GIURIA CALIGARI 2022 indicating: first name, last name, reference email, and category of the juror (01 - IULM University student or 02 - Noir enthusiast). All screenings are free and open to all while places are available.

Jury participants are also invited to express a reflection on the film they think is most deserving with a short critique/review (max 600 characters including spaces) to be addressed no later than December 11 to reservation@noirfest
Gianni Canova and Giorgio Gosetti will choose the six most significant mini-reviews that will be published on the Noir in Festival website at the end of the event.