Paolo Virzi meets with students

Cinema - 28 February 2024

The award-winning director comes to IULM on March 8 along with two actors from his latest film

A graduate in screenwriting from the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia, Paolo Virzì burst onto the scene in the 1990s with three films he directed that - rather unusual for comedies - immediately brought audiences and critics into agreement. La bella vita (1994, Nastro d'argento and David di Donatello for best first-time director), Ferie d'agosto (1996, David di Donatello for best film) and Ovosodo (1997, Silver Lion at Venice) revealed a talent capable of renewing in a manner both witty and profound a genre such as precisely that of comedy. A comedy, however, always cast in the social, staging a country - Italy, of course - in which values are adrift and the individual is in the grip of forces too great for him. In later films such as Tutta la vita davanti (2008) and Il capitale umano (2014) he brings to the screen, respectively, the world of work and the world of finance, showing them as arenas in which everyone fights against everyone else and it is mainly the dispossessed who pay the price. Siccità (2022), on the other hand, is a choral film that follows the vicissitudes of a kaleidoscope of characters moving through a dystopian Rome where it has not rained for three years. His latest work is Un altro ferragosto - sequel to the aforementioned Ferie d'agosto - where, alongside some of the actors featured in the 1996 film, such as Silvio Orlando, Sabrina Ferilli and Laura Morante, we find new performers such as Anna Ferraioli Ravel and Vinicio Marchioni.

Paolo Virzì, Anna Ferraioli Ravel and Vinicio Marchioni will meet students and the audience and present Un altro ferragosto on Friday, March 8 at 11 a.m. in the Auditorium (IULM 6).

The event is also open to the outside public upon registration at this link