IULM's objectives for 2021

University - 12 February 2021

There are six major objectives that IULM University aims to achieve by 2021. Read more here!

Redesigning the IULM brand, creating a University gym, acquiring new spaces for the Rome site, gaining international recognition, innovating teaching in the Covid era and creating a multimedia content platform. These are the six main objectives that IULM University aims to achieve by 2021, with reference to the University's Strategic Plan for the three-year period 2019/2021

Objective 1- Redesigning the IULM brand system

Following the setting up of a working group that carried out an accurate study on the IULM logo and brand, a "Call for Ideas" was launched, to which some graphic and architectural firms were invited to participate for an initial creative idea. The objective is to design a logo and a sign system for IULM University, according to a more modern, updated graphic design that meets current needs.

Objective 2 - Creation of a University Gym

It is the University's intention to keep on improving the services available to students in order to encourage new forms of socialising through sport. For this reason, one of IULM's priority objectives is the creation of a University Gym to be located in the IULM 6 building.

Objective 3 - Rome site

Through the lease of the new premises on the fourth floor of Palazzo Cipolla, the University's objectives are to acquire new spaces for the management of the MaRAC and MiLCO masters and to have the possibility of launching new formative projects. This, in addition to allowing the implementation of the educational offer in Rome, makes it possible for IULM to have a prestigious representative seat, also symbolically, in the capital.

Objective 4 - Ranking

IULM University has always placed the concept of internationalisation at the core of its identity. In 2021, IULM's objective is to increase and strengthen its position and visibility on the international scene thanks to its participation in programmes such as: THE Impact Ranking, QS World University Ranking and "U-Multirank", a programme launched by the European Union, which evaluates Universities according to precise indicators in different sectors and in which IULM ranked in the Top 100, in the last edition.

Objective 5 - Innovation and experimentation for teaching in the Covid era

In order to pursue the objective of continuous didactic experimentation, the University has set up an Innovation Commission. In fact, it is IULM's firm intention to study new initiatives and projects to be implemented in the Covid era. Among these, particular importance will be attached to the new "Fondamenta" course, an innovative project that intends to act as a key to interpreting the present, relying on tradition, building a sort of canon of Western thought and art, identifying the pillars that support our culture, the foundations of our world. It is a non-curricular course but on a voluntary basis for students, who can earn extra points, and it will be accessible to all citizens, not just to lULM students.

Objective 6 - IULM Play

Among the University's major objectives is the design and development of a new platform for audio-video products made by students and teachers and accessible on demand.