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Proxy for Sport - 02 October 2020

"The pandemic stopped training but not the guys and their desire for sports." In an interview with Il Giorno Grazia Murtarelli, Proxy for Sport, told about the news on the agenda, including e-sports championships and new disciplines. Find out more!

"The Covid came at the peak of sport in college: we were coming from an year very important for sport. It changed everything, we had to reinvent ourselves". This is how Grazia Murtarelli, researcher and proxy of Sport for IULM, speaks in an interview with Il Giorno, in which she told about the University's new strategy towards a theme that is more and more cherished to the University, sport.

The pandemic stopped the training of about a hundred students playing for the four IULM teams: men's basketball, women's volleyball and women's and men's football. The latter also had lived the wonderful experience at the university world championships in China. The virus, however, did not stop the boys and their desire to do sports activities: "We seized their great willingness to get back into the game, proposing digital solutions and even video tutorials for home exercises, including physical ones - continues Murtarelli - And we decided to maintain and institutionalize digital sport, which was already present at lULM and which united them even in a moment of non-sociality". E-sports are therefore on sight also thanks to the creation of an internal digital championship: Fifa but also a sport of strategy and initiative. In fact, a IULM research has shown that virtual sports do work and that more than 60% of the student population already plays. What perhaps not everyone knows is that there are training specifically designed for digital, psychological, stress resistance, but also physical sports.

In addition to e-sports, there are many new initiatives planned, including individual disciplines such as table football, table tennis and chess!

In the meantime, however, the IULM teams are preparing to return to the field, also thanks to the Cus that is helping the University in this phase of restart.

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