Noir in Festival 2023

Cinema - 23 November 2023

IULM goes black. The XXXIII edition of the Noir in Festival is coming soon. Check out the program!

The XXXIII edition of the Noir in Festival is kicking off. This year will take place in Milan from December 1 to7 in the traditional headquarters of IULM University, Cineteca di Milano's Cinema Arlecchino and the Rizzoli Galleria Bookstore.

The event is part of the Badge of Honour activities.
The participation of students in at least five meetings during the festival days will correspond to the completion of 1 of the 4 or 6 activities (the former for Master's degrees, the latter for Bachelor's degrees), in order to obtain the Badge of Honour.

"This year's choices," say Marina Fabbri and Giorgio Gosetti - who direct the Festival with Rector Prof. Gianni Canova - "go in the direction of discovery and variety of themes and style. We like to think that the most representative and popular genre of the 20th century has discovered new worlds and modern hybridizations in the new millennium. Our task is to explore this reality through the talents of filmmakers, writers, storytellers."

Among the most anticipated film events: the new film by Neil LaBute Out of the Blue starring Ray Nicholson (son of art) and Diane Kruger; The Goldman Case by Cédric Kahn, one of the brightest surprises of the last Cannes Film Festival; the Golden Leopard winner Critical Zone by Ali Ahmadzadeh, a real life-thriller about underground life in the Tehran of the Ayatollahs; the Italians Runner by Nicola Barnaba starring Matilde Gioli and Francesco Montanari and The Garbage Man by Alfonso Bergamo with Paolo Briguglia and Tony Sperandeo; the Israeli noir in rap time The City by Amit Ulman; the provocative queer-thriller Femme by Sam H. Freeman and Ping Ng Chong; the Oscar-nominated The Ashes of Time by Loïc Tanson; the animated series Italica Noir:i ferri del mestiere dedicated to the Milanese Mala and narrated by Jake La Furia.

This year's guest of honor is undoubtedly Daniel Pennac, winner of the Raymond Chandler Award 2023 and author of the famous Malaussène publishing saga, who will be present on the opening day of the Noir in Festival. Many literary appointments, however: Germany's new noir star Harald Gilbers with Morte sotto le macerie (Emons Libri), Giancarlo De Cataldo with his Colpo di ritorno (Einaudi), Donato Carrisi (L'educazione delle farfalle, Longanesi), Canadian best seller Ashley Audrain (Sussurri, Rizzoli), Giampaolo Simi (Il cliente di riguardo, Sellerio), the magical Deepti Kapoor with L'età del male (Einaudi) and Virgilio Fausto Gimondi with Fortuna criminale (Longanesi), presented by Camila Raznovich.

IULM will be a protagonist of the Festival: in addition to the screenings of the six finalist films of the Caligari Prize and the meeting with the filmmakers, also with the opening day on December 1 with an exceptional protagonist Daniel Pennac (winner of the Raymond Chandler Award), who will meet the public and insiders in a wide-ranging conversation moderated by Stefano Bartezzaghi and introduced by Rector Gianni Canova, and the meeting with Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores who, together with Gianni Canova and Paola Jacobbi, will talk about "his" noir world in the aftermath of the release of his book "Lasciateci pedere" (Rizzoli).

Find out the full program of events to be held at IULM:

Screenings of Caligari Prize finalist films:

  • Saturday, Dec. 2, 5:30 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Come pecore in mezzo ai lupi  by Lyda Patitucci
  • Saturday, Dec. 2, 8 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Mia by Ivano De Matteo
  • Sunday, Dec. 3, 5:30 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Mixed by Erry by Sydney Sibilia
  • Sunday,Dec. 3, 8 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Denti da squalo by Davide Gentile
  • Monday, Dec. 4, 8 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Nina dei lupi by Antonio Pisu
  • Tuesday, Dec. 5, 8 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: L'ultmia notte di amore by Andrea Di Stefano

Monday, Dec. 4, 5 p.m., Meeting with the directors of the Caligari Prize Competition


  • Friday, December 1, 3:30 p .m.,Auditorium - IULM 6Meeting with Daniel Pennac, presented by Stefano Bartezzaghi;
  • Monday, Dec. 4, 10 a.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Masterclass "Cormac McCarthy and Cinema" by Adrian Wootton (CEO of Film London);
  • Monday, Dec. 4,4 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Presentation of "Morte di un Trapper" by John Robertini (Harper & Collins), presented by John Vignola;
  • Monday, Dec. 4, 5 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Meeting with the directors of the Caligari Prize Competition
  • Tuesday, Dec. 5, 11:30 a.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Screening of "I 400 giorni - Funamboli and Maestri," directed by E. Napolitano & E. Sana '70, produced by DO Producation, followed by Conversation with Daniele Orazi;
  • Tuesday, Dec. 5, 3 p.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Presentation of the graphic novel "L'eletto" (Coconino editore), with author Fulvio Risuleo and illustrator Antonio Pronostico; presented by Francesco Cappellotto;
  • Wednesday, Dec. 6, 10 a.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: "Pivio&Aldo De Scalzi: the music of Noir and the vinyls of Diabolik," meeting with the authors of the music for Diabolik and three-time winners of the David di Donatello awards. Presented by Gianni Canova;
  • Wednesday, December 6, 11:30 a.m., Sala dei 146 - IULM 6: Meeting with Gabriele Salvatores, in conversation with Paola Jacobbi and Gianni Canova;
  • Wednesday, December 6, 3:00 p.m., Aula Seminari - IULM 1 Atlas of the Yellow (PRIN 2020) "The Senses of Yellow. Empowerment, sensory deprivation and the paranormal," with Luisella Farinotti (IULM), Federico Pagello (University of Chieti-Pescara), introduction by Rector Prof. Gianni Canova, talks by Paola Valentini (University of Turin), Arianna Vergari (Link University, Rome), Annalisa Pellino and Federico Selvini (IULM University), Marco Grosoli (University of Bologna).

Download the program of Noir in Festival 2023 in IULM

Download the full program of Noir in Festival 2023

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