Noir in Festival 2021

Cinema - 25 November 2021

The Noir in Festival is back at IULM!!! From 10 to 15 December discover here all the devilish events...

The new edition of the Noir in Festival finally takes place in presence, after the 2020 online edition. Seven films in competition, the closing with Manetti Bros. and their new film Diabolik, the Caligari Award, Conversations with presentations of new books, the Raymond Chandler Award, events and dialogues, all in the name of the genre.

Directed by Giorgio Gosetti, Marina Fabbri and Gianni Canova (IULM delegate), the festival will once again take over the theatres (at the Gloria cinema, thanks to the availability of Notorious Cinemas), confirming its vocation as a place of education and discovery (by placing its headquarters on the IULM campus), and offering a prestigious stage such as Milan's Teatro Filodrammatici to its literary encounters, which will also be held at the Libreria Rizzoli Galleria. Finally, with the support of Mompracem, Rai Cinema and 01 Distribution in collaboration with Astorina and thanks to the passion of the Manetti Bros., an extraordinary and eagerly awaited "diabolical" closure also at the Odeon cinema.

What kind of festival will it be? It is certainly aimed at the new, as demonstrated by the decision to give the Raymond Chandler Award, a true "Nobel" of genre literature, to an author like Guillaume Musso, born in the 1970s and already acclaimed throughout the world. This challenge is confirmed both by the attention paid to new voices in the field of cinema, with proposals destined to provoke discussion and create real discoveries, and by this year's thematic itinerary, which on the one hand highlights the great revival of "polar" in France with excellent guests such as Hervé Le Corre and Franck Thilliez, and on the other takes the genre into the obscure and still little-explored territories of the Dark Web, where sophisticated technology and new criminal exploits are rife. There will be no shortage of "safe values" such as the acknowledged champions of Italian detective and crime fiction: from the doyen Loriano Macchiavelli to Carlo Lucarelli, from Donato Carrisi to Maurizio De Giovanni and Simona Vinci; but much can be expected from the five finalists of the Giorgio Scerbanenco Prize, from original voices such as those of Lisa Jewell and Mariolina Venezia, or unpublished ones such as those of Stefano Vicario and Alex Michailides.

Italian cinema showcases an unexpected blossoming of talents (such as the six finalists of the Caligari Award), is proud of its homage to an excellent outsider such as Antonio Capuano and celebrates its absolute champion, Dario Argento, who in recent months has returned to a new creative youth. And in Marco and Antonio Manetti's Diabolik there is an evocative encounter between the ineffable anti-hero created by the Giussani sisters in the early 1960s (recounted by Chiara Tagliaferri in her podcast, currently online, Les diaboliques, which we will talk about at Noir) and an entirely personal contemporary aesthetic like that of the now legendary Manetti bros.

This year more than ever, cinema and literature form a single entity in the programme. This is the case of Massimo Donati, who is making his directorial debut in competition with Diario di spezie from his novel, or Donato Carrisi, who is presenting his new book while the film Io sono l'abisso is being shot. By Denis Dercourt (Vanishing), Lucile Hadzihalilovic (Earwig) and Fabrice Du Weltz (Inexorable) who play on the double path between book and film; by Carlo Lucarelli, Maurizio De Giovanni, Mariolina Venezia, Alex Michailides and Guillaume Musso himself, whose work has often been adapted for film and television.

Building on the extraordinary success in March of the 30th anniversary "virtual" edition, Noir in Festival will once again be on the Net with live streaming of its major events, with the collaboration of MYmovies to bring audiences throughout Italy closer to the festival's new releases, and with two "remote" encounters with prestigious authors such as Laura Lippman and Richard Greene.

"In short, this 31st edition," says Giorgio Gosetti, "is all projected into the future with an awareness of tradition and goes to make up a cocktail that has always been the hallmark of a unique festival on the international scene. For six days, Milan becomes the capital of noir with all the colours it contains. It is a pity that on this occasion the now traditional appointment on the shores of Lake Como will not be repeated, but we are grateful to the Associazione Amici di Como for its ever-renewed support, as well as to historical partners (from the Direzione Generale Cinema to Audiovisivi of the MIC to the IULM University, to Cinecittà) and new supporters (Notorious Cinemas, the Teatro Filodrammatici, La Milanesiana) that allow us to realize also in 2021 an authentic wonder of show and culture, deepening and discovery, looking at Noir as a shiny mirror in which are reflected all the contradictions of the society in which we live and of the one that awaits us".

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