Moving Wor(l)ds: images, words and silences to communicate

Teatro - 06 March 2023

On Wednesday, March 29, at 3 p.m., the event "Moving Wor(l)ds: images, words and silences to communicate" dedicated to the theme of inclusion will be held.

The issue of inclusion is increasingly felt within the university system, and in this regard IULM University is organizing the "Moving Wor(l)ds" series of events, a project in which research, inclusion and participation come together through a path involving students, faculty and creative artists.

On Wednesday, March 29, at 3 p.m., the IULM 6 Auditorium will host the event "Moving Wor(l)ds: images, words and silences to communicate," which will feature the screening of the spot curated by young director Francesca Trovato for the Coordinamento degli Atenei Lombardi per la Disabilità (CALD) (Coordination of Lombard Universities for Disability) and the exciting animation short Coralli by former students Valentina Bizzantino and Maria Matilde Fondi: a small underwater journey through the mysteries of the building of identity and a spirit of participatory community.

From images we will then move on to silences and other forms of communication, with a fun and irreverent theatrical journey that will take us directly into the world of LIS and sign language. Closing the event a panel discussion in which students, alumni and faculty will discuss the forms of inclusion and participation.

Here you can find the detailed program of the event:

  • Institutional greetings: Valentina Garavaglia (Pro-rector of Education, IULM University), Massimo De Giuseppe (Rector's Delegate to Inclusion and Disability, IULM University), Roberta Garbo (CALD coordinator);
  • Presentation of the CALD commercial (directed by Francesca Trovato);
  • Presentation of the animated short film Coralli (directed by Valentina Bizzantino and Maria Matilde Fondi);
  • FILIS, a theater, dance and LIS performance with Susi Danesin and Isabella Moro;
  • Roundtable with directors, actresses and authors in the presence of: Diana Anselmo (APS Al.Di.Qua.Artists President), Massimo Bustreo (IULM University), Giuseppe Carrieri (IULM University), Marta Muscariello (IULM University).

The show is open to all the citizens. To participate, it is necessary to register at this link.