U-Multirank 2022 IULM in the top list of Italian universities

University - 22 June 2022

U-Multirank 2022: IULM University enters the top list of Italian universities with the highest number of excellence ratings

In the new edition of U-Multirank, for the first time Università IULM joins the best ranked Italian universities with the highest number of top positions ("A" scores). Exceeding the already impressive results of the previous edition, our University totalled 12 evaluations of excellence and is for the first year among the top four out of the 82 participating Italian universities. The 'Research' category is by far the area with the highest number of 'A's, 5 in total, one more than last year and specifically in the following:

  • Post-doc positions (the number of post-doc positions relative to the number of academic staff);
  • Top cited publications;
  • Interdisciplinary publications;
  • Professional publications;
  • Citation rate

U-Multirank is the ranking developed at the initiative of the European Commission to measure the performance of universities in five specific areas - teaching, research, knowledge transfer, internationalisation and local engagement - with ratings ranging from 'A' (very good) to 'E' (poor). The result is not a conventional rankings classification, but rather a snapshot of the strengths and weaknesses of each participating university, which can accordingly be compared with other selected institutions on the U-Multirank portal. With the participation of more than 2000 institutions from 96 countries, of which more than a half are European, U-Multirank is the largest and most inclusive ranking showcasing the diversity in higher education around the world. The portal is a resource not only for potential international students, academics and experts, but also for government institutions, companies and potential partners. For this reason, IULM is very satisfied with these continuously improving results for the University - and is committed to further enhancing this positive trajectory of academic excellence.

The detailed evaluation can be found at this link.