GIG UP - The GIG economy as an activator for employability skills in unemployed youth

Ricerca - 13 March 2023

On Thursday, March 30, from 4 to 6 p.m., the seminar "GIG UP - The GIG economy as an activator for employability skills in unemployed youth" will be held in the Seminar Hall (IULM 1, 6th floor).

The European Erasmus Plus project KA220-YOU, called "GIG-UP",  coordinated by the Technical University of Berlin, with IULM University of Milan as a partner, aims to offer a useful program to address NEET unemployment and support young people in their gradual transition to the labor market, using self-employment or the gig economy as an activator of employability skills. The GIG UP program can be used in different settings both to promote employability skills in young people and to enable them to be more active and integrated citizens.

The project aims to improve the empowerment of young people who have only experienced precarious forms of work or who have never worked before by providing them with a manual that can strengthen and foster the soft skills most in demand in an ever-changing labor market, such as critical thinking, creativity, adaptability, and entrepreneurship.
The results will be the focal point for addressing future educational efforts and supporting employability and the development of the skills required by the 21st century labor market.


  • Institutional Greetings, Prof. Giovanna Rocca, pro-rector for Research, IULM University
  • Gig workers in Europe, Hon. Elisabetta Gualmini, MEP
  • Gig workers in Milan, Hon. Alessia Cappello, Councilor for Economic Development and Labor Policies
  • Presentation of the research: Identikit of the Italian gig worker (Zavarrone-Forciniti, IULM University)


  • Alessandro Zeli, Istat
  • Andrea Marletta, Milano-Bicocca University
  • Emanuele Mario Parisi, IULM University
  • Adriano Solidoro, Milano-Bicocca University
  • Augusto Cocorullo, University of Naples Federico II
  • Roberto Natalini, Natalini & Partners