D'Innocenzo brothers in IULM

Cinema - 24 April 2024

On Monday, May 6, at noon, the D'Innocenzo brothers will be guests at IULM for a special event to be held in the Auditorium (IULM 6 - Via Carlo Bo, 7)

The D'Innocenzo brothers have quickly gained fame and recognition on the international scene for their bold and provocative works that explore the darker sides of everyday life and social dynamics in urban suburbs. Their distinctive style - and ability to bring authentic, troubled characters to life - made them an immediate important presence in the contemporary film scene.

After debuting in 2018 with the feature film La terra dell'abbastanza, which received wide acclaim for its stark depiction of youth reality, the brothers returned to the Berlin Film Festival in 2020 with Favolacce, a dark and disturbing story that reveals the tensions and family dysfunctions of a small suburban community: the film, acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, won the Best Screenplay Award at the Berlinale, establishing the young Roman directors as two of the most interesting artists on the scene not only in Italy, but internationally. The following year their third feature, America Latina, an experimental film that explores the existential crisis of a man in a fragmented and surreal world, was instead presented at the Venice Film Festival, strengthening the artistic bond with Elio Germano, already the protagonist of Favolacce. Instead, it is this year's presence - once again at the Berlinale - to present their first series: Dostoevsky, a thriller with dark atmospheres that follows a detective on the trail of a mysterious serial killer, reinterpreting an archetypal story according to their very personal vision. The series will soon be in theaters and then viewable on streaming

The event at IULM, which will feature the brothers in dialogue with Rector Prof. Gianni Canova and a number of students, will offer everyone present the extraordinary opportunity to meet and interact with Damiano and Fabio D'Innocenzo. It will be a unique opportunity to explore the techniques and secrets of two of the brightest and most innovative creative minds in Italian cinema.

The meeting, which is open to all citizens, will be held on Monday, May 6 at  noon in the Auditorium (IULM 6 - Via Carlo Bo, 7)
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