The European AI Act

University - 14 March 2024

A dialogue with MEP Brando Benifei

In a world increasingly driven by artificial intelligence, the European Union is outlining the contours of clear and robust regulation through the European AI Act.
To discuss the implications of this globally resonant initiative, a dedicated event organized by the IULM AI Lab will be held on Thursday, March 21, at 11 a.m. in Sala dei 146 (IULM 6, via Carlo Bo, 7), open to all, and in particular, to students, stakeholders, companies, legal professionals and journalists.

The objective of the meeting is to discuss about the European regulation regarding artificial intelligence, which aims to ensure that AI systems placed on the European market and used in the European Union are safe and respect fundamental rights and values of the EU.
The regulation is based on the based risk approach and aims to regulate AI on the basis of its ability to cause potential harm to society.

The appointment aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the European AI Act, analyzing its goals, challenges, and opportunities it presents for various actors in society:

  • goals of the European AI Act: an overview of the main objectives of the proposed legislation, including protecting fundamental rights, promoting innovation, and creating a fair digital marketplace;
  • implications for business: how the AI Act will affect business strategies, regulatory compliance, and market opportunities in the artificial intelligence sector;
  • role of students in the AI ecosystem: how students can contribute to the AI Act debate and prepare for a career in a world dominated by ethical and responsible AI.

On the eve of the final vote in April, in dialogue with Brando Benifei, European Parliament co-rapporteur on the AI Act, speakers will include:

  • professor Guido Di Fraia, Pro-Rector for Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, IULM; Founder and President, IULM AI Lab
  • Eleonora Faina, general director, Anitec-Assinform
  • Antonella Napolitano, Advocacy Advisor Hermes Center for transparency and digital human rights
  • professor Ranieri Razzante, Member of the Strategic Committee for AI at the Presidency of the Council


  • Vincenzo Tiani, Professor, IULM and EDHEC Business School (FR); PhD candidate at VUB - Brussels Privacy Hub (BE); Partner at PANETTA Studio Legale

Advance registration is required to attend the event at this link.

Media contacts
Alessandra Massarelli
External Relations Manager IULM AI Lab
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