IULM for gender equality: services and access schemes

The Università IULM has always been committed to the fight for gender equality. Several initiatives and projects are promoted by the university to support women throughout their university career, from the admission process to graduation, in order to lay the foundations for a successful career.

Among the best services available to the university's student population, IULM counts several tutoring and counseling programmes assisting them throughout the various stages of their university life.

During the 2020/2021 academic year, various formats of psychological support have been proposed in order to meet the needs of every student.

In a more general and broader approach, the seminars and group meetings addressed various issues of mental health and wellbeing related to the challenges and difficulties of the university path. Because of the versatility and relatability of these topics to the emotional experiences of most of the students, this format was highly successful, especially among the IULM female population who felt personally involved in these issues, reaching 90% of the total participants.

A more targeted approach was adopted instead in the FlessibilmMente set of meetings, in which students were divided into smaller groups aimed at teaching how to manage stress and deal with obstacles in a healthy way. Once again, the initiative was enthusiastically received by IULM female students so much so that 86% of the total participants were women.

Finally, the most personal and targeted format was a series of individual interviews with professional psychologists to address and sort out strictly personal issues. The results once again demonstrated the university's attention towards women, since almost 80% of the programme participants were female students.

However, IULM's commitment does not end there, the university in fact supports and promotes access to education for women also from an economic point of view. With this intention, in the 2020/2021 academic year, 81% of scholarships were awarded to deserving and economically disadvantaged female students.

All these measures contribute to supporting the entire university career of women, who are able to complete their studies successfully. It is essential for Università IULM to keep track of the progress of its female students, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in order to measure the effectiveness of the initiatives and policies in place and consequently implement new ones. Every year, in fact, the university is committed to tracking and analyzing data and it has emerged that in 2021 74% of graduates were women.

In continuity with past years, the university's future will be increasingly directed towards gender equality, also in the perspective of the Gender Equality Plan published in 2021, which promotes the inclusion of women in the academic life and condemns any kind of gender discrimination