IULM for the Equal Opportunities

In accordance with the values on which IULM's actions and essence are based, the University's commitment is aimed at countering all forms of discrimination based on gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, political beliefs, religious beliefs, personal skills, age, sexual orientation and employment status, as well as at enhancing the principles of fairness and inclusion, promoting and ensuring equal opportunities and carrying out a cultural action aimed at drawing attention to the issue.

The University's commitment takes the form of studies, research, projects and activities of a cultural, educational and educational nature, aimed at both IULM students and the external public, in order to promote awareness of equal opportunities issues. The activities aimed at disseminating the multidisciplinary knowledge and skills that reside in the University, both in teaching and research , on several issues related to equal opportunities (including gender equity, inclusion, management and enhancement of heterogeneity) are aimed at promoting an increasingly widespread participation in these debates, bringing knowledge and discussion outside the university lecture halls for the benefit of the community. These actions are part of a framework consistent with the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development defined by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda, to which IULM adheres: in this context, the importance of activities that can ensure social sustainability, as well as environmental sustainability, is highlighted in order to promote prosperity at different levels and ensure the reduction of inequalities and to foster gender equality.

Comitato per le Pari Opportunità

Comitato per le Pari Opportunità
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