Research projects

Alongside a line of development based on offering services to the wider community through research on behalf of third parties, IULM University has identified, in competitive research, not only important sources of support but also the opportunity to work in networked contexts and methodological comparison with other universities on the international scene. The University has also acknowledged the importance of giving greater financial autonomy to research and has therefore established a policy of investment of resources based on the annual provision of funding for departmental research at the beginning of each year.

Third party and competitive

Family Business Review and IFERA, awards for Professor Sciascia

Salvatore Sciascia, Associate Professor of Business Strategy and Performance at IULM, was awarded the "Excellent Reviewer" of the Family Business Review magazine for the year 2014 and by the International Family Entrerprise Research Academy as one of the "Best Reviewers" of the conference held in July 2015

Third party and competitive

European PAgES project

Third party and competitive

Lexicon of Classicism

The Lexicon of Classicality in Modern European Literature is not limited to the printed edition, but is also gradually presented on the website of the IULM University. In this way, it will be possible to continue to enrich itself in dies, also by considering observations, suggestions and advice from our readers.