Family Business Review and IFERA, awards for Professor Sciascia

Salvatore Sciascia, Associate Professor of Business Strategy and Performance at IULM, was awarded the "Excellent Reviewer" of the Family Business Review magazine for the year 2014 and by the International Family Entrerprise Research Academy as one of the "Best Reviewers" of the conference held in July 2015

During the summer of 2015, Professor Salvatore Sciascia received two important awards for his scientific work: one from the Family Business Review and one from IFERA.

Family Business Review is one of the main scientific journals of Business: according to Thomson Reuters, in 2015, out of 115 business journals, it ranked fourth journal in the world in terms of Impact Factor. The "Excellent Reviewer" award refers to the review of articles sent to the journal: only 9 of the 110 international scholars who regularly collaborate in the development of the journal have received such an award.

Salvatore Sciascia was also recognised by the Family Business Review in 2009, when the paper written with Prof. Pietro Mazzola entitled "Family involvement in ownership and management: Exploring nonlinear effects on performance" was deemed the best article published in the magazine in 2008.

IFERA is the international association of scholars of family businesses. Salvatore Sciascia was nominated for the Best Reviewer award, a nomination received by 4 of the 120 scholars who contributed to the academic debate at the annual conference held in Hamburg.

Prof. Sciascia was also awarded by IFERA in 2009 for having presented, at the annual conference, research conducted with Prof. Mazzola, then published in 2013 with the contribution of Prof. Franz Kellermanns (University of North Carolina), in the Journal of Business Research. The same association invited him in 2014 to the University of Vienna to play the role of facilitator in a Research Development Workshop.

On the subject of family entrepreneurship, Salvatore Sciascia is editing a special issue of the Journal of Small Business Management magazine, together with Alain Fayolle (EM Lyon), Kathleen Randerson (EDC Paris) and Cristina Bettinelli (University of Bergamo). In addition, he was invited to participate in the "Theories of Family Enterprise" conference, at the University of Alberta (Canada), aimed at producing a special issue of the magazine Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice.