The contemporaneity of the ancient according to Roberto Vecchioni

University - 31 January 2022

"Forms of the Contemporary of the Ancient" is the title of the course that Roberto Vecchioni will hold at our University as part of the IULM for the City initiative.

In 2019, Roberto Vecchioni was awarded an honorary degree from IULM for the Master of Arts in Storytelling. Today, the professor and singer-songwriter - who has written unforgettable songs such as "Luci a San Siro", "Samarcanda", "A te", but who has also published books with evocative titles such as Il mercante di luce or the recen tLezioni di volo e di atterraggio -, returns to our University as a lecturer of a course part of IULM for the City which opens the lessons, held by illustrious professors, to all citizens.

Starting on February 10th, every Thursday from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m., Vecchioni will hold a course called "Forms of the contemporary of the ancient" that will have its counterpart in the one held by Stefania Mancuso, professor of Classical Archaeology and Didactics of the park and museum, which is entitled "Material expressions of the Ancient". From the Mediterranean to the birth of language, from the relationship between city and democracy to the birth of myth, from theatre to the relationship between poetry and music, a path that starts from archaeology, material expression of the ancient, to arrive at literature, poetry, music, with the aim of showing how much the ancient contributes to the creation of the contemporary collective imagination. The rediscovery of the ancient, intended not only as an opportunity for new cultural creation, new interpretations and chances to investigate man, but also as a tool to train highly qualified professional profiles.

The Rector Prof. Gianni Canova describes Prof. Vecchioni's contribution and his course with these words: "Vecchioni has never given up entering the classroom every day, driven by a passion that has made him a teacher in the fullest sense of the term: one of those who leave traces, who carry the fire. This teaching at IULM University, open not only to enrolled students but to all interested citizens, will be an exemplary moment of reconnection between the past from which we all come and the present in which we are given to live".

To register for the lessons of the course "Forms of the contemporaneity of the ancient" and for the other lessons of the IULM for the City cycle, please fill in this form. Classroom seats are limited. It will also be possible to follow the lectures online (the link to which to connect will be published soon).

IULM students can access the classroom only with Basic Green Pass.
Citizens can access the classroom only with Reinforced Green Pass.