Rector's video message

EN_University - 23 March 2020

Rector Gianni Canova speaks in a video message to the entire IULM community to thank them for the seriousness with which they are dealing with the emergency of these days and to update students on online teaching and the degree session in March.

"I have a feeling that what we're experiencing will be a watershed in our lives. Also in the way we live and conceive the University. We'll have to change, we'll have to do it necessarily. We are already trying to foreshadow what the future may be, we are trying to project innovations in teaching and courses that can respond in a punctual, precise and responsible way to the world that will come out of this serious emergency. We are confident. Thanks to the whole IULM community for the seriousness with which it is facing this moment."

Watch the video message from the Rector, Prof. Gianni Canova.