Master Ad Honorem to Bruno Bozzetto

University - 26 February 2024

The ceremony honoring the "maestro"of Italian animation will be held on March 5

Considered a master by the animators of Pixar, celebrated with an exhibition by Disney, awarded with very important international awards: Bruno Bozzetto is the one who made Italian animation become "adult." Before him - with rare exceptions - animated movies in our country was relegated to entertainment for the very young or confined to "Carosello" advertising films. Bozzetto made a qualitative leap forward for animation in our country by being the first to make a feature-length animated film: West and Soda (1965), a western that even seems to anticipate certain solutions and suggestions of Sergio Leone. Vip - mio fratello superuomo (1968) is the amusing story of two superheroes, one of whom seems to have neither the physique du role nor the superpowers usually associated with such characters. Above all, Allegro non troppo (1976) - whose episodic structure accompanied by famous pieces of classical music is reminiscent of that of Disney's Fantasia (1940) - marks a definite step forward in his career, both aesthetically and formally.

Unforgettable is the character of signor Rossi, the protagonist of both short and feature films, a sympathetic and mocking little man capable of charming both children and adults. Always attentive to the technological developments of his craft, which from a markedly artisanal approach moved more and more into the realm of research and experimentation, in the 1990s he made a number of short films with computers using the Flash application. His latest work is the short film Sapiens? (2023), a film that invites reflection on the adjective of the title associated with that human being who loves violence, does not accept what is different, harms nature, animals and society, and which will be screened as a national premiere during the ceremony.

IULM University will confer to Bruno Bozzetto the Master Ad Honorem in Arts of Storytelling on March 5 , during the opening ceremony of the Academic Year 2023/2024 to be held in the Auditorium (IULM 6) starting at 11 a.m.

Photography by Claudio Braccini