IULM Talent and Creativity Challenge II Edition

University - 17 April 2023

From making a commercial, to writing a short story, to designing Artificial Intelligence Apps: 18 categories to put your talent and creativity to the test. You have until September 15, 2023 to submit your project and participate in the 2nd edition of the IULM Talent & Creativity Challenge.

The university is by definition the place of intellectual challenge. Learning means challenging oneself, widening one's gaze, opening one's mind. Our University cultivates the idea that "knowing how to do" and "knowing" should go hand in hand. This is the secret of training our students, whom we ask to be capable of critical and creative thinking, with a trained forma mentis ready to grasp the transformations of the world around them. After the success of last year's edition, IULM is throwing down the gauntlet to its students by re-proposing the IULM Talent & Creativity Challenge: a call open to all IULM students who can submit a creative project for one or more of the 18 proposed categories.

A jury of faculty and professionals will determine the winner for each category. All students regularly enrolled in a bachelor's, master's or master's degree program at the university, as well as those who have graduated as of the July 2022 graduation session, are eligible to participate individually or in groups.

It is possible to apply in no more than three categories. Projects must be submitted strictly within the time frame of May 15 to September 15, 2023.

At this link you can find out about all 18 categories of the Challenge and useful information for uploading projects, which can take place from May 15, 2023. For any questions you can email [email protected]

for the winners of each of the various categories there is a cash contribution (ranging from € 1,000 to € 3,000, at the sole discretion of the jury, also in consideration of the productive effort put into the realization of the requested product).

Download here the regulations in English

Download here the regulations in Italian