New dates of the IULM Chinese Language Corner

International - 07 November 2023

Check out the new dates of the IULM Chinese Language Corner.

From the idea of a group of IULM students of Chinese origin, the IULM Chinese LanguageCorner was born, which aims to be a point of aggregation and linguistic and cultural exchange between students who are learning the Chinese language and Chinese students eager to improve their Italian.
The students involved will have the opportunity to converse in the two languages while practicing and enriching their vocabulary, to learn about customs and traditions of their respective cultures and to celebrate together the main traditional holidays. The following are the new dates:

Friday, October 20
Theme: "Calligraphy lesson"

Friday, November 3
Theme: "Tea tasting"

Friday, November 17"
Theme: "Guest invitation: where should I work? Italy or China

Friday, December 1
Theme: "Chinese fashion"

Wednesday, December 6 (to be confirmed)
Theme: "History of China Town Milan with a guide (tour)"

Friday, December 15
Theme: "Chinese cuisine"

Location: IULM 6 on floor -1 Coworking space
Time: 17:00-18:30