IULM 2022: a year full of surprises and novelties

University - 09 February 2022

In an Instagram live broadcast, the Rector presented the initiatives and projects that IULM will carry out this year

The year 2022 has just begun and this week classes for the second semester resumed. On this occasion the Rector Prof. Gianni Canova welcomed students with a live Instagram feed during which he proudly announced the many initiatives and projects that our University is implementing. Let's see them together in detail, relying on his words.

This is an experimental "optional course' for Bachelor students, which can be included among the electives in the curriculum. Often, not only you coming to university, but we ourselves have lost a little sense of our cultural identity, of those fundamental texts that make us who we are. Through a survey, we have thus chosen 12 major themes from the history of Western culture and asked excellent speakers to give some dedicated lectures that will only be available online". From the Bible to Don Quixote, from ancient Greek theatre to Darwin, from Beethoven's symphonies to Apocalypse Now: these are just some of the topics on which IULM professors and leading figures in Italian and international culture will hold masterclasses.

In the next few days, a call for proposals will be launched "to which students, lecturers and technical-administrative staff may participate, for a creative idea on which to build the next IULM campaign". The call for proposals will soon be published on the IULM website, where you will find all the necessary information.

The title is tentative at the moment, but it will be a competition on various creative aspects in which students will be asked to compete and then be judged and awarded prizes by a special commission. These are some of the categories: short film, short story, literary translation, song, photography, TV format, art exhibition concept, eco-sustainability project for IULM. "In a joyful evening we will then announce the winners. The intention is to make IULM a workshop of talent, a laboratory of creativity".

"A new location for audio-video filming, for shooting TV formats and short films. In this space, available to students, creative projects can be realised with all the technological filming equipment with which the studio is equipped."

It will be a streaming platform "where you can watch on demand the best videos made by students, but also institutional moments such as honorary degrees, the inauguration of academic years, the most important conferences, the most significant exhibitions, the guests of our University, plus some original formats that the team, led by Dr. Lorenzo Mosna is developing".

Active for a couple of years already, "it is a creative laboratory whose task is to involve recent graduates and graduating students in the creation of original or commissioned audiovisual products, coordinated by IULM lecturer Giuseppe Carrieri".

The Rector then announced that a series of workshops will be held over the next few days: among them, one held by director Stefano Mordini, author of the much discussed La scuola cattolica, who will work with a group of selected students on the creation of a number of longtakes based on various film genres; one curated by Anna Franceschini, who will bring to the University some of the great testimonials of the fashion world; one coordinated by Elio De Capitani, actor and director of the Teatro dell'Elfo, who will work with the students on the large-scale project based on Melville's Moby Dick but inspired by Orson Welles' version.

The live broadcast closed with Prof. Canova's greeting and the wish "that life will return to flow here, on campus". We make this wish our own in the hope that the worst is over.

Watch the video of Prof. Canova's live broadcast here.