New international partnerships for IULM

International - 02 November 2023

IULM has been awarded European funding under the Erasmus KA 171 project

Thanks to new partnerships activated with Uzbek State World Languages University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages, Almaty, Kazakhstan, IULM University has been awarded an Erasmus+ KA171 funding aimed at supporting exchanges with the Central Asia region.

The Erasmus KA 171 action, also known as International Credit Mobility, has the objective of encouraging international mobility with third countries not associated to the programme through European funds for foreign policy.

The financed project will strengthen relations with these universities and will support the mobility of students, doctoral students and lecturers mainly in the area of language studies over a two-year period.
The two countries in the region are characterised by a growing interest in Italy in both the cultural and economic spheres.
The goal pursued by the project is that the exchange activities will contribute not only to the mutual knowledge, but also to the development of professional skills that can be transferred both to Italy and to the Central Asia countries.
The agreement originated to provide a concrete response to the growing demand in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for qualified personnel in various sectors that have effective cultural and commercial relations with Italy.

The agreement was created to provide a concrete response to the growing demand in these countries for qualified personnel in various fields who have effective cultural and business relations with Italy.

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