Music criticism today: a conference

Culture - 17 November 2021

From 30 November to 2 December 2021 at IULM the international conference on music criticism

What is music criticism? When did it come into being, how has it evolved, and what editorial and media circles has it referred to so far? What are and have been - also in a methodological sense - the relationships between music criticism, musicology and human sciences? Does music criticism still exist, today, in the digital age and in the age of widespread access to information and communication? What future awaits it? And what are the competences and the cursus honorum of studies required of a music critic?

The IULM Conference on Music Criticism, organized by IULM professor Cerchiari and Stefano Lombardi Vallauri, intends to give some answers to these and other questions: it is the first conference of its kind in Italy. Among other things, it will be published as a volume, and for the first time it will present experts and speakers (Italian, European and American) from all musical genres: from the so-called "classical", the field in which sound criticism has taken shape, to jazz, from popular music to the many other expressions of the contemporary scene.

Among the various sessions of the Conference, dedicated to the memory of the great critic Arrigo Polillo, and in honour of Quirino Principe, one of Europe's leading musicologists and critics, there is a Round Table, coordinated by Principe himself, in which the best known US rock expert, Simon Reynolds, also takes part. Among the many participants in the conference (university and conservatory teachers, magazine editors, newspaper critics) the names of Giacomo Danese, Cesare Fertonani, Federico Capitoni, William Everett, Alessandro Carrera, Gianfranco Salvatore, Luciano Federighi, Pierre Fargeton, John Gennari stand out.

The proceedings will be opened by Paolo Giovannetti (Director of the Fabris Department, IULM), Salvatore Carrubba (Director ICS, IULM) and Riccardo Fiorentino (President of the Lombardy Order of Journalists).

The conference will be held in theSala dei 146(IULM 6) on 30 November and 1 and 2 December.

In order to attend the conference it is necessary to have a Green Pass and to register through this form.

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Concept by Luca Cerchiari, curated by Luca Cerchiari and Stefano Lombardi Vallauri
With the contribution of Finleonardo s.p.a