Gender Cultures. multidisciplinary conference on gender cultures

University - 12 June 2024

A conference to explore diversity and inclusion and to recognize the importance of accommodating and valuing the many expressions and declinations of the concept of gender.

oct. 23 from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. - Emerging Scholars Session in Gender Cultures
Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Room 146 IULM6

Special University Project "Digital Gender Hub"

The"Gender Cultures" conference, to be held on Oct. 23 and 24 in 146 Hall, aims to provide an important platform for reflection and discussion on "gender" as a universal, invisible but powerful organizing tool in daily life, family, education, work, and sports. An inescapable theme that runs through and structures the entire society, defining its current form, but also its evolution and future direction.

The goal is to explore diversity and inclusion, recognizing the importance of accommodating and valuing the multiple expressions and declinations of the concept of gender. Through an approach that not only enriches the social fabric, but also helps challenge stereotypes and prejudices that limit full individual and collective fulfillment.

This conference aims to be anopportunity to raise awareness of gender issues, addressing the discrimination and violence that often accompany them, through open dialogue and constructive confrontation. Indeed, it is crucial today to understand how the integration of gender perspectives can lead to the overcoming of outdated and discriminatory cultural norms and to a freer and more authentic society.

This is animportant opportunity to reflect on the role of media and communication in perpetuating or counteracting gender distin ctions and discrimination, highlighting the need for a critical and conscious approach to the representation and interpretation of gender identities in contemporary society

The interdisciplinary approach of the conference also allows for the exploration of the complex intersections between gender, social class, ethnicity and other dimensions of human identity, thus enriching our understanding of the world around us and the people who inhabit it. The conference will provide an opportunity for scholars from various academic disciplines, including literary, sociological, philosophical and economic disciplines, to meet and exchange ideas. This diversity of perspectives will enrich the discussion and provide an overview of the many challenges and opportunities related to gender studies.

The morning plenary session will feature talks by distinguished experts in the field, including Maura Gancitano, Elisa Giomi, Marco Scarcelli and Marilisa D'Amico. These prominent figures will share their perspectives and research, offering a comprehensive overview of the key issues under discussion.

From mid-morning and into the afternoon, the conference will be divided into a series of parallel panels devoted to different disciplines. Through these workshops, scholar(s) and researcher(s) will have the opportunity to explore specific issues and discuss research methodologies and approaches. Topics ranging from literary analysis, media studies, feminist philosophy, economics, the arts, and equal rights will be covered.

This structure will allow for immersion in a variety of topics and interaction with colleagues from different areas of study. The Gender Cultures conference thus aims to be not only a time for reflection and insight, but also for connection and collaboration among scholars and activists engaged in the exploration of the many facets of gender studies.

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