Translating orality: pragmatic and cultural aspects

Culture - 22 April 2021

From videogames to music. From screen dialogue to political speeches. A conference to explore all the pragmatic and cultural aspects of orality.

Translating Orality: Pragmatic and Cultural Aspects

3 - 4 May 2021

Following the one-day workshop "Translating Orality" held on 12 December 2019 at IULM University, the conference Translating orality: pragmatic and cultural aspects aims at exploring the pragmatic and cultural aspects involved in the translation of orality understood in a broad sense.

The notion of orality the Conference focuses on is far broader and more fluid than it was traditionally presumed and  raises new issues, calling for an adjustment and fine-tuning of the tools used for analysis in linguistics and in translation and interpreting studies. Text types to be investigated include oral, dialogical and monological communication, both spontaneous and planned, narratives, journalistic texts, graphic novels, video games, comics, social media and other forms of online communication, dialogues in cinema, television and theatre (dubbing, subtitling and surtitling), musical texts and lyrics, political speeches, scientific presentations and popularizing genres, and their rendering in written and oral translation (simultaneous, consecutive and dialogue interpreting).

The decision to focus on pragmatic and cultural aspects derives from the observation that in all forms of orality a fundamental role is played by pragmatic features, such as indexicality, implicatures, presupposition, speech acts, conversational rules, modality and the complex system of norms of linguistic politeness that differ across languages and cultures. Indeed, due to this variability in different linguo-cultural systems all pragmatic aspects are highly problematic in the perspective of translation and often risk being altered or overlooked.

The conference will offer the opportunity to gain insights into the pragmatic and cultural aspects of various forms of orality in different languages in a comparative perspective. It will thus contribute to outlining an overall picture of the ‘norms’ followed in translation and interpreting with respect to orality, also taking into account contextual variables such as medium, genre, communicative purpose, mode of reception, and relationship with other semiotic resources relied on in communication, possibly also in a diachronic perspective.

Plenary speakers will be: James Archibald (McGill University, Montréal), Silvia Bruti (Università di Pisa), Frederic Chaume Varela (Universitat Jaume I), Delia Chiaro (Università di Bologna – Forlì) and Esther Morillas (Universidad de Málaga).

The link to access the conference will be published on this page in the days immediately preceding the event.

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Scientific committee
Giuliana Elena Garzone, Francesco Laurenti, Elena Liverani, Mara Logaldo, Marta Muscariello, Giovanna Rocca, Emanuele Brambilla
Michele Sacchi
Cesare Pecora
[email protected], tel. +3902891412674

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