International Autumn School

International - 10 November 2020

From November 25th to 30th the autumn appointment of the International School of IULM Flow is back: six meetings with IULM professors and many guests.

International Autumn School - Global Trends & Communication Management: six lessons, all in English, completely free of charge and online, will start from the talk held by each of the teachers to leave room for debate.

Prof. Emma Zavarrone will try to investigate how the media have dealt with the issue of contagion and explained the epidemiological evolution of the virus, proposing a statistical analysis of the communication. With Prof. Emma Zavarrone, the professor will discuss the issue of the virus. Vincenzo Russo instead we will discover what neuromanagement means and how neuroscience techniques can be linked to psychology, marketing, economics, management and sociology. We will then add content related to Artificial Intelligence and, thanks to the contribution of Prof. Riccardo Manzotti, we will approach this topic from a philosophical and sociological point of view. We will also talk about Big Data and the challenges of the digital world with Prof. Andrea Miconi and we will conclude by talking about diversity and inclusion in the world of corporate communication with Prof. Alessandra Mazzei and Prof. Vanessa Gemmo.


Wednesday 25th November

  • 1.15 - 2.45 PM Prof. Emma Zavarrone CO.ME.T.A. Textual Analytics & Covid19.
  • 3.00 - 4.30 PM Prof. Riccardo Manzotti The mind outside the head what is our mind made of and why this is key for media, society, and life.
  • 4.45 - 6.15 PM Prof. Francesco Massara Can marketing be ethical?

Thursday 26th November

  • 3.00 - 4.30 PM Prof. Mazzei and Prof. Gemmo Diversity and inclusion: Vodafone Italia, a history of commitment.
  • 4.45 - 6.15 PM Prof. Andrea Miconi Digital Surplus: Three Challenges for Digital Labor Theory.

Monday 30th November

  • 1.15 - 2.45 Prof. Vincenzo Russo and Dr. Giorgio Gabrielli Neuromanagement

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