IULM achieves high scores in THE Impact Rankings 2022

International - 04 May 2022

Università IULM has leapt ahead in this year’s THE Impact Rankings 2022

Università IULM has leapt ahead in this year’s THE Impact Rankings 2022, which assesses the activities undertaken by universities to meet the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in the 2030 Agenda

IULM has made significant progress in all the areas in which the university submitted data: in particular in the key criteria for Equality and Social Inclusion (SDG 10) and Gender and Gender Balance (SDG 5), IULM has moved into the 101-200 bracket improving by 42% and 33% respectively from 2021. In particular for gender equality, Università IULM ranks first among Milanese universities and sixth among Italian universities.

Compared to the previous edition, the university’s score in the overall ranking almost doubled, placing IULM in the top half of all the participants, which this year have even increased by 25% to over 1400 institutions from over 100 countries, confirming the importance that the global academic community attaches to these indicators of commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, in the ranking for quality education (SDG 4) the university’s performance improved by more than 150%.

Università IULM is proud of the work undertaken: the university’s top scores in “Reduced Inequality ( SDG 10)” and “Gender Equality (SDG 5)” are especially significant and testify to the University's concrete and growing commitment to supporting, promoting and disseminating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Motivated by the results of this international ranking that allows a comparison of universally recognised indicators, Università IULM is determined to continue in its dedicated commitment to training future leaders and, above all, future citizens, in the awareness that the university must play a fundamental role in disseminating values such as social participation, inclusion and sustainability not only within its own community but in civil society as a whole.