IULM Flow TALK 50: Sustainability and Communication: the experience of One Ocean Foundation

International - 16 October 2023

The 50th round of IULM Flow talks is for October 27

Talk 50

Date: October 27th, 2023 at 11:00 a.m.
Title: Sustainability and Communication: the experience of One Ocean Foundation
Guest: Dr. Giulio Magni - Operations Director (One Ocean Foundation)
Moderator: Prof. Stefania Romenti - Full Professor in Strategic communication and Delegate of the Rector for Corporate Social Responsibility (IULM University)

Sustainability and communication: the experience of One Ocean Foundation

To tackle the relevant environmental challenge we are facing, it is crucial to work on a more effective and transparent communication that takes into account all relevant environmental aspects for the preservation of our planet. In this context, non-financial reporting tools play a fundamental role, which more and more companies are being called upon to prepare.

How important are the seas and oceans to companies? How can the One Ocean Foundation help improve awareness of them? With One Ocean Foundation, we will discuss the ever-increasing importance of issues related to seas and oceans for businesses and the foundation's years-long research on how companies are addressing and communicating their commitment on these issues.

We will deepen these and other important themes thanks to the interventions of Giulio Magni, Operations Director of One Ocean Foundation with the guidance of Stefania Romenti, Full Professor of Strategic Communication and Delegate for Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Università IULM.

Giulio Magni is director of One Ocean Foundation, a global not-for-profit organization committed to expediting solutions for ocean issues. With a 12-year background in sustainability, he launched his career in management consulting, supporting companies in developing and implementing sustainability strategies. Over the last 5 years he managed One Ocean Foundation’s rapid growth by overseeing impactful projects in blue economy, education, and environmental research. Mr Magni has written several articles on sustainability.