MIA Art Fair

From 11 to 14 April, the MIA Fair, the important photography fair, will be held in Milan. Thanks to the agreement between IULM and Fiere di Parma, which organises the event, students of our University will be able to take advantage of a discount on the entrance ticket, which will be available at the price of €12.00 upon presentation of the university badge at the ticket office.

Download here the agreement

Teatro degli Arcimboldi

The convention recently stipulated between IULM and Teatro degli Arcimboldi  offers students a discount from 10% on convention agreement tickets (concerts and special events are excluded). Upon identification with your IULM badge, you are entitled to two discounted tickets ( conventioned + accompanying person) at the authorised ticket office.

Download here the agreement and the 2023/2024 season programme

Triennale Milano

IULM has activated an agreement with the Triennale di Milano. Thanks to this agreement, IULM students, upon identification by means of a badge, are entitled to a 50% discount on the full ticket price and the opportunity to purchase the Triennale Milano membership at a 25% discount: Starter at €37.50 instead of €50.00; Explorer at €75.00 instead of €100.00; Insider at €127.50 instead of €170.00; Supporter at €300.00 instead of €400.00.

Download here the terms of agreement 

Società del Quartetto di Milano

The Società del Quartetto di Milano was founded back in 1863 on the initiative of Arrigo Boito and Tito Ricordi, among others. Since then this institution has helped write the history of classical music in Italy, boasting national premieres of Beethoven's Ninth, Bach's Passion according to Matthew, and Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire.

The Milan Quartet and IULM have entered into an agreement that guarantees students and employees (faculty, managers, and technical-administrative staff) to enjoy the concert programming at a very special price: €5 for students (instead of €8) and €18 for employees and staff (instead of €37). Concerts in the 2023/2024 season will be held in the Conservatory's Verdi Hall.

Students and employees of IULM University, will be able to take advantage of the favorable conditions reserved for them by showing their badge at the Società del Quartetto di Milano box office (Via Durini 24, open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and at the Conservatorio box office on the evening of the concert starting one hour before the beginning.

For information and reservations: [email protected] / tel. 02795393

Download here  the 2023/24 season schedule

Teatro Carcano 

Teatro Carcano and IULM University have entered into an agreement for the 2023/2024 season, details of which are listed below:

TICKETS for PROSA and DANCE performances:
Students €15 (instead of €38)
Students €15 (instead of €20)

3 shows of your choice: €39.00
5 shows of your choice: €65.00

Concessions can be obtained by presenting your university badge at the theater box office.

Download here the programme for the month of April 2024
Download here the programme for the month of May 2024
Download here the 2023/2024 season programme with instructions for purchasing tickets and subscriptions
Download here the terms of the agreement

Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci"

MUSEUM HYPE - Weekend Specials +18

18-19 AND 25-26 MAY

At the Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum two special weekends dedicated to young people between sound art and interactive projections, Leonardo and VR. Have fun in the Future Inventors Lab amidst sound art and interactive projections, immerse yourself in Leonardo's world by experimenting with machines and frescoes, go on a fantastic adventure aboard an ornithopter flying over the deserts of the planet Arrakis as in the famous film Dune.

To book activities and discover the full programme visit: https://www.museoscienza.org/it/offerta/museo-hype

IULM University has entered into an agreement with the "Leonardo da Vinci" Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

Students are offered the opportunity to have a free ticket against the purchase of a full ticket and over 10% discount on digital products on sale from the Foundation. The discount code for online purchases is MSTIULM2X1.

Download here the terms of the agreement

Teatro Franco Parenti 

Our Athenaeum has activated an agreement with Teatro Franco Parenti, a historic Milanese theater founded in 1972 - under the name Salone Pier Lombardo - by Franco Parenti and Andrée Ruth Shammah. In 1989, with Franco Parenti's passing, Shammah took over the direction of the theater entirely, which, in honor of the great actor, was named Teatro Franco Parenti.

Upon presentation of their university badge, IULM students will be able to take advantage of a 50% reduction on ticket prices.

Download here the terms of the agreemnt

Teatro Lirico Giorgio Gaber 

IULM University offers students the opportunity to purchase tickets at a reduced price, with reductions from 20 to 30 percent, for the 2023-2024 season performances of CheBanca! National Theater and Giorgio Gaber Lyric Theater. To take advantage of the reduction, you need to show your company badge at the ticket office at the time of purchase, or by visiting the theaters' websites, select the Promo Students promotion and then enter the dedicated discount code (STUDENTS20 or STUDENTS30) when purchasing the show.

  • Discounted shows at CheBanca! National Theatre: Chicago (STUDENTS30), Rapunzel (STUDENTS20), Neverland (STUDENTS20), Queen at the Opera (STUDENTS20)
  • pacted performances at the Giorgio Gaber Opera House: Duo at the Square (STUDENTS30), The Nutcracker (STUDENTS30), Luca Bono the Illusionist (STUDENTS30), Music Show on Ice inspired by Frozen 1&2 (STUDENTS20), NatAle and Franz Show '23 (STUDENTS30), Sleeping Beauty (STUDENTS30), Carmen (STUDENTS20), Notre Dame de Paris (STUDENTS30)

Download here the complete list of affiliated shows in February

Teatro Gerolamo 

Teatro Gerolamo, a Milanese theater located at 8 Piazza Cesare Beccaria, in the heart of Milan, has entered into a convention agreement with IULM: students, together with one of their companions, will be able to attend performances at a fixed price of €10.00 per person by showing the IULM badge.

La Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan is pleased to present its new season, a wide range of music with attractive ticket and subscription offers for IULM University students and employees. Student rates range from €10 to €15, depending on the type of concerts.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the box office or via email by writing to [email protected].

Download the new season tickets at discounted prices here

Fonbazione Società dei Concerti 

The Società dei Concerti Foundation was founded in 1983 from an idea of Antonio Mormone, a Neapolitan entrepreneur, Milanese by adoption and a great music lover. Currently, about 2,200 subscribers choose La Società dei Concerti Foundation, recognizing its excellent quality in musical programming and its ability to attract the big names in concert music, but also to discover, among many young talents, the stars of the future.

The agreement allows students to:

  • activate a subscription to a series of 14 concerts (Emerald or Ruby) in the yellow sector for 50.00 euros
  • activate a Gold series subscription of 28 concerts (Emerald + Ruby) in the yellow sector for 90.00 euros
  • purchase tickets for 5 euros in the yellow sector, subject to availability (these tickets must be reserved by the day before the concert)

Download here the map of the Sala Verdi.

How to take advantage of the convention:

  • individual tickets, booked by email ([email protected]) will be collected and paid for on the evening of the concert by showing your university badge
  • season tickets are available at the foundation office and can be picked up upon presentation of the university badge and ID

Teatro Dal Verme 

Subscriptions at a reduced price for IULM University students:


  • subscription to a series of 14 concerts (Emerald or Ruby) yellow sector euro 50
  • subscription GOLD series 28 concerts (Emerald+ Ruby) yellow sector euro 90

The above concessions are extendable to one accompanying person.

Tickets for individual concerts: euro 5 yellow sector, subject to availability. Tickets must be reserved by the day before the concert.

Season tickets are available at the Foundation's offices at Via S. Giovanni sul Muro, 2 Milan, and can be picked up upon presentation of the University card/badge and ID.

Tickets will be reserved via email ([email protected]); they will then be picked up and paid for on the evening of the concert directly at the Conservatory.

Anteo Cinema

Cinema Anteo offers IULM students a number of concessions.

The Amici del Cinema Card will be available for purchase at the reduced cost of €9. 00 instead of €20.00. The card entitles the holder to:

  • reduced admission to all screenings at Anteo theaters-excluding festivals and events with an organizer other than Anteo SpA-every day including holidays;
  • also receive the AGIS Vieni al Cinema/Vieni al Teatro 2024 card;
  • take advantage of the benefits offered by other entities affiliated with Anteo SpA for Tessera Amici del Cinema.

The card is valid from the time of purchase to the end of February 2024 and can be purchased at any of the ticket offices upon presentation of the IULM badge. In case of loss or theft, the card cannot, under any circumstances, be replaced.

In addition, Anteo offers the opportunity to purchase an admission ticket at the special price of €4.50 for all theaters in the circuit, for all time slots, on Tuesdays (excluding holidays) and on the first day of release of first-run films (generally Thursdays), excluding holidays. Tickets at 4.50 euros can be purchased online but you will need to bring your badge to justify the reduction on the ticket price to the usher who will check tickets at the cinema entrance.

The concessions are valid at all theaters in the Anteo circuit:

  • Milan: Anteo Palazzo del Cinema, Citylife Anteo, Ariosto Anteo spazioCinema;
  • Monza: Capitol Anteo spazioCinema;
  • Treviglio: Treviglio Anteo spazioCinema;
  • Cremona: Anteo spazioCinema Cremona Po.

For information [email protected]

Notorious Cinemas

The Notorious Cinemas circuit offers IULM students the opportunity to get a discount on tickets for its Milan theaters, the Multisala Gloria, in Corso Vercelli 18, and the Centro Sarca Milano, on Via Milanese in Sesto San Giovanni.

Under the agreement signed with IULM, students can go to Notorious Cinemas at the price of €4.50 compared to a full ticket cost of €9.50 and a reduced ticket cost of €7.50. The discounted price is valid for any day of the week and at any time.

To obtain the discount, students must show their university ID card at the cinema box office.

Teatro Elfo Puccini 

The Elfo Puccini Theater and our University have entered into an agreement that offers students the following opportunities:

  • for all shows in the program there is a special reduction by presenting yourself directly at the box office and showing your university ID card or other document certifying that you belong to IULM University (excluding off-season events and the evening of December 31): €22.00 (instead of €33.00);
  • ad hoc promotions on certain titles in the playbill (direct purchase: tickets can be purchased online via dedicated link https://www.elfo.org/biglietteria/promozioni-universita.htm or over the phone with credit card payment by calling €12.50 (instead of €33.00);
  • free four-show subscription: €36.00 (€9.00 per ticket instead of €33.00)

Accademia dei Filodrammatici

The Teatro Filodrammatici is located in the heart of Milan, a stone's throw from Piazza Duomo, skirting sideways the Teatro alla Scala, a cornerstone of Milanese culture. With the Tradizione e Tradimenti project, the Teatro Filodrammatici fits into the city's cultural fabric with a productive proposal of hospitality and interdisciplinary projects, strictly based on contemporary dramaturgy and the rewriting of classics for contemporary use.

For in-season performances, the ticket price (excluding Sunday concerts and special events) is 10 euros. It is also possible to subscribe to four shows for a total cost of 34.00 euros (8.50 euros per show). The subscription can be used by the holder for 4 shows or by the holder plus a companion (2 shows for 2 people each).

See the current schedulehere.

To take advantage of the agreement show your university badge when purchasing.

Teatro Manzoni 

The agreement between Teatro Manzoni and our University allows students to take advantage of the following discounts:

20% reduction on the full ticket price, in the armchair sector, for shows in the 2022-23 Theater Season of the "La Prosa," "Ridere alla grande" "Manzoni Family," and "Manzoni Extra" playbills, where provided for in the contractual agreements with the productions.
Excluded from the convention are the shows: Una brutta persona  Angelo Pintus and all plays that will be performed during the holidays.
These concessions are valid until all available reduced seats are sold out.

Concession evenings:
For the "Prose" review: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 8:45 p.m., Saturdays at 3.30 p.m.
For the "Ridere alla grande" review: Mondays through Fridays at 8:45 p.m.
For the "Manzoni Family" review: Saturdays at 3:30 p.m.; Sundays at 11 a.m.
For the "Extra" review: Mondays through Fridays at 8:45 p.m

Convention ticket purchase:

  • direct purchase by presenting your ID card/ badge at the Ticket Office of Teatro Manzoni - Hours: Monday to Saturday h. 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. all day, Via Manzoni, 42 - Milan- For information: 02 7636901;
  • purchase with payment by bank transfer. In this case, bank details must be requested from [email protected] at the time of booking: tickets will be available for collection at the theater box office on the day of the performance starting 45 minutes before the starting time. At the time of the transaction you will need to notify the Society/Association/Entity to which you belong;
  • online purchase, using the discount code indicated in the monthly newsletters, directly and only in our website www.teatromanzoni.it (option excluded for the "Manzoni Family" review)

University badge (or membership ID) entitles the holder to purchase 2 adult reduced tickets.

Download here the programme for the months of March-April 2024
Download here the programme for the months of April-May 2024
Download here the programme for the months of May-June 2024

Manifatture Teatrali Milanesi

IULM University has entered into an agreement with MTM-Manifatture Teatrali Milanesi, a project of the Fondazione Palazzo Litta. The agreement offers students the opportunity to take advantage of discounts ranging from 30 percent to 50 percent off the full ticket price (€26.80) for shows scheduled at MTM Teatro.

To take advantage of the discounts, simply show your university badge at the ticket offices of Teatro Litta (Corso Magenta, 24) and Teatro Leonardo (Via Ampère, 1). Shows can be reserved by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0286454545.

Fabbrica Servizi - Veneranda fabbrica del Duomo

Group or private visits, walks and themed tours: these are the proposals of Fabbrica Servizi. You will discover all the secrets of the Duomo of Milan and visit all its parts with a 20% discount on the list price. The same percentage discount is offered for purchases at the Duomo Shop.

At this link you will find details of the offers.