Extracurricular internship

These are internships carried out by those who have obtained a Bachelor's and/or Master's degree with the start of activities within 12 months of obtaining the degree. This type of internship may not last fewer than 2 months and more than 12 months. This type of internship requires the Host Organisation to pay an indemnity for participation in accordance with the relevant regional regulations. Finally, it provides for the obligation on the part of the Host Organisation to communicate the start/start/suspension/interruption of the internship through UNILAV/COB (Compulsory Communication).

How to activate an extracurricular internship

The trainee can identify the institution/company in which to carry out the internship both through the advertising service managed by the Career Service Office in collaboration with Almalaurea, and through external and personal channels. For all traineeships, regardless of the way in which they have been identified, institutions/companies and trainees must follow the same procedure, which is outlined in the document that you can download here.

University tutors, participation fees, duration and certification of skills

The university tutor is chosen by the university during the approval phase and, in accordance with the law, has the task of ensuring the success of the training experience of the internship, be a reference for the trainee during the course of the internship and prepare the individual dossier and certification at the end of the activities.
For extracurricular traineeships in Lombardy, the amount of the participation allowance/expense refund is as follows:

  • €500.00 per month, gross of any tax, reduced to €400 per month in the event of the payment of luncheon vouchers or the provision of canteen service.
  • €350.00 per month if the internship does not involve a daily commitment of more than 4 hours.
  • €300.00 per month for the Public Administration.

The participation allowance is paid in full against a minimum participation in traineeships of 80% on a monthly basis.

At the end of the internship, the intern and the company tutor will receive an email with a questionnaire to be filled in. Once completed, the student can request the certificate of completion of the internship from the email address [email protected].