Curricular internship

These are internships carried out by students regularly enrolled in institutions and companies outside the University. This type of internship begins and ends before the date of graduation.

The Career Service office deals exclusively with administrative procedures. It is advisable to consult the various teaching regulations regarding the duration, the recognition in the study plan and possibly the periods in which it is possible to carry out an internship.

How to activate a curricular internship
The student can identify the body/company in which to carry out the internship through the service of announcements managed by the Career Service in collaboration with Almalaurea, both through external and personal channels. Regardless of how the internship was identified, institutions/enterprises and students must follow the same procedure:

1 Preliminary activities:
ENTE/Company > signing of the TIROCINANTE
agreement > CV visibility
The organisation/company interested in hosting the trainee registers on the Almalaurea platform and is a party to the traineeship agreement.

The trainee must carefully read the internship regulations of his/her faculty and then insert his/her CV on the Almalaurea portal by accessing his/her Almago page (Almalaurea) through the Student Secretariat Desk > Internship and Placement > Access to services. The first time you log in, the system will ask for confirmation of your career and personal data, then allowing you to fill in additional fields of the CV.
2 ENTE/Company > Training project insertion Through the Almalaurea portal available on our website, the institution/company inserts the training project of the student's internship through a form. At the end of the procedure, also through the portal, the training project is sent for approval.

Approval of training project:

Academic Tutor

The tutor teacher, different according to the degree course, approves the training project sent by the institution/company.
The institution/company and the trainee receive an email informing them that the internship has been approved.
NB: Once the training project has been approved, the trainee can start the internship.
4 ENTE/Company > download and send the training project
to the Career Service Office
The institution/company downloads the training project, prints it in triplicate, signs and stamps originals of all three documents and sends them by post to the Career Service Office.

CAREER SERVICE OFFICE > Final activation
and return of signed projects

TIROCINANTE > Signature and withdrawal of the training project

The Career Service Office starts the internship.
The trainee signs and picks up two copies of the training project, remembering to deliver one to the host.
If the company is not in Lombardy, the Career Service Office will send the training project in triplicate to the operational headquarters of the internship. Once the trainee has signed the
documents, the company will deliver one copy to the student and one to the Career Service Office.